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  • priyanshi_28 8w

    #dream #mydreamworld #mydream #heaven #heavensbay #joy #thought #purehearts #pure

    When the lights were all off
    And the stars were all bright
    When every door was shut
    And no one was on sight
    I left my couch, over which I lay
    I left my place of stay.

    I ought to leave the comfort zone
    Just to accomplish
    What the night has shown
    To me, it bestowed the highest privilege
    To me, it had shown me my dream,
    To achieve what I pledged.

    Now when the world has dozed off into theirs
    I toil to make mine with glittering flairs.
    With what I have and what God gave me
    My dream was not only in my sleep.

    Not to touch the moon,
    Nor to fly in sky
    Not money , not fame,
    My dream had nothing to do with same
    All I want is a drift in the world
    To bring smiles and blushes on every face
    To wash of every filthy and dirty place
    To purify the heart of masses
    To make one believe
    that love still ancompasses
    Because we deserve to live this way
    To make the earth
    a place called "Heaven's Bay".
    Where you and me can laugh and rejoice
    Where there is joy in every voice.

    Let alone, I start upon this time
    Through my words, my thoughts put in a rhyme,
    Because this was not a mere dream of the night
    For it lingered even when the Sun brought light

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    My Dream

  • priyanshi_28 115w

    Oh I wish

    Oh I wish ,
    I could fly high,
    And touch the sky. ☁

    Oh I wish....
    I could have wings ,
    Just like the birds.
    As I am getting bored
    with this world.

    Oh I wish ,
    I could fly high.
    And reach the heaven,
    But there is will be all alone.
    I don't need a toffee or money.
    I just need a true company.

    Oh I wish,
    I could fly high.
    And shine like stars
    And sprinkle the beauty of joy
    I don't want to stay,
    Just want to fly high,
    And touch the sky.

    Today here i stand,
    And when I admire the of sun
    I wish I could be the one.
    Oh I wish,
    I could fly high.

  • priyanshi_28 116w

    यूँ तो नहीं है कोई लक्ष्य मेरा,
    बस एक नदी की तरह बहती हू।
    चाह है मेरी आसमां छूने की,
    पर अभी तो मैं जमीं पर रहती हू।

  • priyanshi_28 116w

    Happy New Year

    ⛄JANUARY makes me feel cold,⛄
    FEBRUARY makes me a little bold.
    MARCH makes the flowers unfold,
    APRIL makes the weat grow gold.
    MAY makes the breeze so hot,
    JUNE makes me sweat a lot.
    JULY brings the first rain,
    AUGUST wets my windowpane.☔
    ☁SEPTEMBER is always a bit cool,⛅
    OCTOBER means holiday from school.
    NOVEMBER says winter is near,
    DECEMBER ends with a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  • priyanshi_28 116w

    आसमान को पाना है

    आसमान को पाना है,
    मेरा लक्ष्य आगे बढ़ाना है।
    आँसुओ को मिटाके,
    कुछ करके दिखाना है।

    नाम मेरा मुझे पता,
    अब सबको यह रटवाना है।
    दुनिया मे है फर्जीवाड़ा,
    मुझे असलियत को अपनाना है।

    बजाए ढूंढने के खजाना,
    खुद ही बनना है नजराना।
    अपना नाम बनाना है,
    लोगो के जहन में बसके जाना है।

  • priyanshi_28 117w

    My new class

    We came, we came
    to class nine.
    But here nothing is same,
    And no one is fine.
    No time for kidding,
    Only a big pressure of studying.

    A warm goodbye to hindi,
    We had a fantastic year.
    It was great to see you again,
    Oh dear sanskrit.

    Maths is filled with equations,
    And numerous situations,
    Which give rise to great confusions.
    Oh God please help us
    From this horrible maths.

    What is science??
    Nothing but something.
    Physics is out of mind,
    Chemistry is out of sight ,
    Biology is much difficult.
    We are the only one ,
    Oh God please give us some solution.

    Now comes social science , ♨
    Geography has became independent,
    History is like a big bend ,
    Civics made us mad ,
    And we met our new friend
    That's economics
    It says "I am great"

    Now comes English
    What a strange smile ,
    Think for a while,
    It will take all your marks
    If not done the question paper
    With punctuation marks.
    I suppose it is saying
    Earlier you made my fun
    Now you will realise who I am.
    Oh God here is only one wish,
    Please give us some weapons,
    To fight with English.

    And during Examinations ,
    The clock......⌚⌚
    Shows no time for relaxation.
    Plan A - is full syllabus
    Plan B - important chapters
    Plan C - oh God help us ,help us , please help us

  • priyanshi_28 117w

    Every thing is beautiful,
    But beautiful isn't everything. .

  • priyanshi_28 117w

    The earth does not belong to us,
    We belong to the earth.......

  • priyanshi_28 117w

    By unknown writer

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    अगर बेटा है आँख तो बेटी है पलकें,
    सूरज है बेटा तो बेटी है किरणें।
    फिर भी क्यो समझते है उन्हें पराया,
    उन्होंने तो मजबूरी में भी साथ है निभाया।

  • priyanshi_28 117w

    रब ने मुझे तुझसे मिलाया है,
    उसकी परछाई के रूप मे मैने
    तुझे पाया है।
    तेरे साथ जीने की भी एक अलग ही
    चाहत है।
    ताकि दुनिया भी देखकर जले
    मेरे पास क्या दोस्त है।