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  • priyankasinghshibsaal 71w

    Let's talk about the facts❤️

    To all the people that see me smiling and being all happy and question the ownity of my happiness Guys i have been to the darkest shore's . I had lived greatest and terrible days and learned everything is temporary, moments , feelings, seasons ad flowers too. i learned mental health is important and that loving each other being happy and kind to each other lift us all up. i learned all things come in twos life and death, pain and joy, love and hate even me and you. i cannot count the number of times i've been told not to be so nice to people, not to be too blunt , not to speak my heart out. After giving this much thought, my response is simple. when i'm too nice because i have a hidden purpose, others have the right to hurt me, because people are not made to be used but to be loved and respected. when i'm nice for the sake of actually caring about others, and living by my values then no matter what other's response's are they can't hurt me. i say no to living in facade i am me and i will love each and every one of you with no hatred in my heart and if we don't vibe i will still try my best to try connecting with you guys. please don't hide your thoughts speak out this is the time.This is the end of sad-bank days. Lets not skip chapters .


  • priyankasinghshibsaal 164w

    What will you do when you have so much to write and yet u can't explain how you feel you can't explain how broken you are you cant explain anything the state of fragilty, state of depression or anything else you feel.


  • priyankasinghshibsaal 174w

    Kalon is a form of Agape.


  • priyankasinghshibsaal 176w

    so lets talk about something real...
    i am undergoing something which is painful and depressing at the very same time. Yes im mentally unstable i feel like i am gasping for air. Screaming for help but everyone just looks at me with confused faces wondering what im struggling over when they're all doing just fine and it makes me feel crazy . I am suffering from anxiety yes and it isn't beautiful it's not staying up til 4 Am listening to sad songs crying and cursing your soul. it's breaking down in the middle of a busy street. it is a kind of feeling where you don't want to die or kill yourself you just want to disappear until you feel okay again. so yes im harming myself in certain ways im suffering i am staying up all night thinking about certain things which are not at all relatable . i am swallowing thickly and blinking back tears every time i am in public and the hole in my chest causing my breaths to come out shaky rather than normal. I do have thousand things to say and thousand reasons not too. I am just sick.


  • priyankasinghshibsaal 194w

    We all don't want to be alone
    but we are better on our own.

  • priyankasinghshibsaal 206w

    it's good to vitiate the feeling of cimmerian
    and cherish the beauty of inner-self.


  • priyankasinghshibsaal 208w

    Let that pool of feeling's out
    You were drowning Darling.


  • priyankasinghshibsaal 209w

    Still fragile-
    Not afraid to show what she is or what she was because her scars show what she went through each wound symbolized all the times she gave her best shot to life for a better survival.


  • priyankasinghshibsaal 210w

    Slight selcouth for philocaly is what makes you a beautiful aesthete.


  • priyankasinghshibsaal 213w

    We all are orphic's
    searching for the perfect elysium