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  • priyanka_07 13w


    And I got a new sunrise,
    A new ray of happiness which reliefed me,
    The smiles you put on my face is a way too peace,
    In this little time I lived an infinity with you!
    In the world of capturing "pictures"
    I captured your smiles in my heart!

  • priyanka_07 16w

    Mi amor

    Maybe I am falling for you or maybe its just the comfortability that I feel with you,
    you are not just a number in my phone list,
    you are not just any random person I talk to,
    even if you ain't into me,
    I still wait for you,
    I wake up to see just your name in the message list and I explain myself maybe the workload is on gist.
    And when your name pops up on the screen,
    My heart rate goes up the speed,
    the brain nerves begun with a tapping dance to make the face smile to the need.
    Maybe 2020 took away something from everyone,
    But it gave me your warmth in this chaos world of mine ,
    That I have starred marked your messages which describes your sweetness which I read everyday,
    And now at the end of the year,
    your hallucinations follows me everywhere,
    you are there when I eat, when I watch a movie, when I sleep , when I hear a song , you come beside me and hear to me patiently.
    And someday I want to shout out of my balcony to you that yes!
    I want to grow old with you, your brain, your sweetness , your hallucinations.

  • priyanka_07 23w

    Good sense of humour, beautiful heart, rude from outside, caring from inside.
    Deadly combination

  • priyanka_07 28w

    Nothing more attractive than a man who listens to your dream & passion and supports as well as encourages you in fulfilling it.

  • priyanka_07 32w


    When surprises hit you real hard, when you know no one, and only you can pick your self up in your dark times, when you trusted more than enough but you faced disloyalty, when you see someone passing through hell while being alive and you pass the same hell eventually, and the last but not the least that when the "DEATH" embraces you, yes! At that very time you smile at the reality.

  • priyanka_07 39w

    You think while exhibiting your feelings, your thoughts to someone, that the person is concerned about you! But there is a difference in knowing someone's story and being concerned about them. You ll see a real rare combination of listening and being concerned. Not many people would do that. The listeners will give you toxic positivity which they know it wont even help. You try to kill yourself but no one would be even to see you, to ask you that why did you try to kill yourself, except that one person who thought about you, about your present and future.Choose the people wisely to exhibit your feelings. The world is full of masks and dark creatures which you would be able to see only in your darkness.

  • priyanka_07 40w

    When does the mentally unstable state in a person increase? Or he comes at the level of being a psychopath? When he needs someone to be on his side , and the person on the other side just provokes him and says all the negative things he is being doing, says that he was wrong all the time, says that he is sick of you, at this moment the mentally unstable person wants to scream loud from inside and has to just supress his all the feelings which leads him to a state where he does nothing but sleeps on the bed and watches the wall. For heaven's sake, please be kind to such people, they are in search of peace and love. They never wanted hatred nor do they wanted to become a psychopath but situations tend them to do so. Do not criticize them which leads them to be a dead person alive.

  • priyanka_07 40w

    Nothing attractive than a man who knows where to speak what and when.

  • priyanka_07 40w

    When you feel neutral, neither sadness, nor pain, not even happiness. Does loving a person charge you your own feelings to just fade away? You fear that when you dont feel anything , you beg before sadness to atleast make you cry but it wont, that your heart has become so neutral it doesn't respond to any of the feelings. Is giving your soul to a person worth living a life? The word "soulmate" is it the right thing to even let your heart accept it?!

  • priyanka_07 40w

    When I look back, I feel happy how far have we come. When I deliberately wanted you with me, when I had looked my future with you, where the only person I wanted in my life was you and you. When there were lot of people around me but you were my whole world. The times when I didn't want you to share with anyone. But as I look myself now, I feel happy that I have made through this and that you are happy and that every end ends with "They lived happily ever after" is so true.