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  • pritha_and_words 5w

    13.03.2021 // Saturday

    What if, the boats
    could sail
    through the clouds,
    Or fishes could swim
    round the moonlight!

    Bits of land
    could float
    in the sky;
    And rainbows be
    visible in midnight!

    Stars could spin and dance and sway
    And emit polychromatic rays
    And when it shoots down to us
    What if, it strews pixie dust in gay!

    It would rain yellow and pink
    Kissing amity and love with zing
    Then it could transmute floral buds
    Into magical creatures like in Moors dwelling.

    What if, stone castles
    could be built up high,
    And plants could
    escalate us
    To its stellar doors.

    Fabled beings
    would show
    themselves true,
    Like mermaids waving
    by the golden shores.

    Unicorn and pegasus
    And centaur and kelpie
    Majestic and brawny
    in air, land
    and waves.

    Or little impish like
    gnomes and trolls;
    Or naive and benign
    Like snowy yeti
    in open caves.

    None was concrete, or an absolute false
    We lived in trance with immense panache
    And then bent to the worldly rules
    When life seems to clash and crash.

    But we still admire fantasy movies
    Where dwellers play with spells in sorcery
    We still move in to an upturned sphere
    Except that those now are elfin reveries.


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    What if, the boats
    could sail
    through the clouds,
    Or fishes could swim
    round the moonlight!

    Bits of land
    could float
    in the sky;
    And rainbows be
    visible in midnight!


  • pritha_and_words 6w

    08.03.2021 // Monday

    My young self adored Spring
    Mesmerized by the idea
    Of flowers and butterflies
    Kiss of breeze all day long
    And serene lullabies of moonlight
    Naive wiggling steps were small
    Filled in marvel and imprudence
    When we felt the time's bright
    And hoped for bloomy beginnings

    Years pass by as I fathom life
    Now I finally plump for Winters
    Neither pale, nor perished
    But sparkling mix of gold and white
    Not too dry and not too wet
    But alive in jollity
    Watching lads and lasses
    Cavort around
    Impervious to the gliding time
    Murky cloak gets bedecked
    With flashy ornaments and lanterns
    A little despondent gives a break
    To relish the elixir of festivals

    Months recall what time blows away
    Seasons define drifting midst of age
    What matters is what we perceive
    From duck soup pace
    To muddled mounts
    From the realm of fantasy
    To heuristic grounds

    #pod #free #seasons #life #poetry #thoughts #freeverse @mirakee

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    Months recall what time blows away
    Seasons define drifting midst of age
    What matters is what we perceive
    From the realm of fantasy to heuristic grounds

  • pritha_and_words 21w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Overcome

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    Failed end is a
    new beginning

  • pritha_and_words 28w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Struggle

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    The more you lose,
    more you learn,
    closer to winning.

  • pritha_and_words 31w

    And now we wear ephemeral cologne
    to camouflage our acerbic mistakes,
    occluding from perennial learnings.


  • pritha_and_words 36w


    Beyond the drapes, amidst the clouds,
    Is the flying childhood;
    Maudlin memories now rest
    In the colorful pages of scrapbook.
    Another time, another tale,
    Another mood, another world;
    In the grey I recollect vivid,
    The scattered fragments barefoot.

    Those stranded loop of carefree days
    Summon themselves without a chase,
    Puerile chats and innocent excuses
    When, were the wind of neglects and delays.

    Then, used to be an impish schedule,
    Except the sleepy mornings of school;
    Memorizing tables was irrefutable challenge;
    Making up weird stories before friends ruled;

    We got adapted in the class called fish market;
    Becoming a cock was a part of bad punishment;
    Had imaginary dog who loved to eat homeworks;
    Showing off new pencils and erasers were target;

    We loved to share tiffins but were mean for crayons;
    Long boring classes made us puzzled and yawn;
    Made blind promises to keep thousand secrets;
    Collected pens and scales, that's nobody belonged;

    We ran after descending kites;
    Yearned for supported bikes;
    Knocked doors to bother neighbours;
    Balanced switches of fans and lights;
    We dressed unbranded and oversized;
    Emptied glasses of milk, throwing it outside;
    Couldn't read watches but wore it for fashion,
    Yet were on time for fav cartoon show unrealized.

    Wontonly we jumped in mucky puddles;
    Maa scolded and yelled, and Papa cuddled;
    Notebooks were festooned with red question marks;
    Big balloons made us soothe for hours couple.

    Growing up to be a pilot was a dream;
    Toys were treasures and somewhat esteem;
    Despite any caste or colour or gender
    Our playtime made a strong bonded team.

    Parks playground had busy evenings & sundays;
    Eyes could see frolicking bubbles bouncing gay;
    Sand castles looked like tiny volcanoes
    With pebbly fence around and twig flag upway.

    We used telephones to talk long hours;
    A penny was enough for toffees and flowers;
    Bandaids on alternate days and tattoo stickers
    Were the collection to cover and style scratchy scars.

    There was no internet nor androids;
    Swings, see saw and slides rejoiced;
    Books were the source of ultimate knowledge;
    But they said us watching television is an exploit.

    I realize the piece to be verbose enough, but
    Still feels like incomplete, missing points to discuss.
    A wish forever for an open doorway to souvenirs,
    Where laughs and giggles and smiles were not a makeup.


    #stranded #childhood #memories #life #bliss #windc #blue_timetravel #emotions #pod #writerstolli #ceesreposts @mirakee @writersnetwork @bluepuppy01

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    After all, we sail in the same boat of memories towards the same destination called childhood.

  • pritha_and_words 36w

    R E D E F I N E S

    U N F U R L S

    R U S T L E S

    E M A N A T E S

    N U R T U R E S

    B E D I M S

    D R I Z Z L E S

    H A R M O N I Z E S

    E L U C I D A T E S

    R E M I N I S C E S

    D O N S

    C A P T I V A T E S


  • pritha_and_words 37w


    Count all the ways
    You are beautiful
    A pretty wildflower
    Playing acoustical
    An empty gift box
    Filling cryptic segments
    Lost in the dreams
    The waves of silence
    Metaphor in a ballad
    Rhyme schemes of a prose
    Rare as red diamond
    Binate colors of a rose
    A fusion of angles
    Forming art abstract
    A clueless elucidation
    Of colossal cataract

    Lamp of innocence
    Perspective of your own
    Velvet strokes of seasons
    Like snowfall in repose
    Smudge off the erstwhile
    Reshuffle the present
    Peel layers of dawn
    Be the smoke of vile events
    With a sultry sip
    From the glass of bliss
    Blow pixie dust
    Into empty abyss
    Feel the vibration
    Of the deserted walk
    Sow courage with poise
    And absorb the awe

    Inevitable and feral
    As musk in perfume
    Amidst plenty flaws
    You shine like a moon
    Free up the glabella
    Push towards temples
    Pause the bables and
    Feel transcendental
    You are not severed
    Just stucked in demure
    Once out and you'll know
    Inexpressible's your allure
    Make moments with mirror
    And bow to yourself
    Cherish corners and curves
    To let incandesce propel


    #poetry #thoughts #life #pod #ceesreposts #writersbay #musings
    @writerstolli @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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  • pritha_and_words 38w

    It's not just
    What you see, or
    How you see,
    But, how I really feel.
    That explains
    The dusky vigilance
    Veiling your sight,
    I coruscate within.
    Your inimical episodes
    Ended you derelict in haste.
    And mine,
    Bridged the gulf.


  • pritha_and_words 38w


    I am a piece of art
    With scars as beauty marks
    Unerasing any error
    To cope in all weather
    Unfinished with no limits
    Medley song of eccentric lyrics
    A capture of the past and present
    Filled with compromised consent
    Unblinking esoteric eyes
    Centred is a pensive smile
    Untied doodled hair
    Hovering steady in midair
    In the spotlight of credence
    Dim night concealing secrets

    My dress is a change
    Calling future to rearrange
    The stars that are misplaced
    To portray constellation of my zest
    Endeavoured fortitude pose
    Chin and neck stay uprose
    Embracing the wild
    To fit in the pride
    Aspiring to absorb best behaviour
    After a bunch of learned failures
    A picture with no colour
    Yet to be filled in glitter
    Surrounded in broken border
    To spill out on other paper
    Continuing with a different story
    Perhaps to shine in more glory

    #capture #challenge #ceesreposts #pod #poetry #thoughts #writersbay #art
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    I am a piece of art
    With scars as my beauty marks
    A picture with no colour
    Yet to be filled with sparkling glitter