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  • pritam_das 4d


    I have been listening since childhood..,everyone around me used to say that people wont value good things...they aren't commendable..they dont deserve....they are only attracted by things which are attractive or the things which look good or used to be listened good from outside...they dont ever go to clarify in same does happen with everyone of us ....when we care about someone when we value people too much they dont get it..!! Neither do they value ...things ,feelings or emotions .....they remain busy maintaining their own ego...!!.if people just think things in a bit different way things would have changed they can be really defined well..!

  • pritam_das 9w

    #the only one

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    Baby in my heart ..
    Every passionate thought is about you ..!.
    Its like a fire burning ....
    The shape of your body
    Wont let me keep my eyes off (i'm always checking you out everywhere..)
    I'm indulged
    You linger close to my heart .
    As if i've know you forever ..(you are a familiar feeling)..
    You look like a goddes ....
    My mind is exhaling ..
    You are the dearest....

  • pritam_das 27w

    Always the said words wont do ..
    It also needs to be implemented..!

  • pritam_das 31w

    The voice under all silences,
    the hope which has no opposite in fear ;the strength is so strong mere force is febleness:the truth more first than sun,more last than star!!

  • pritam_das 46w

    We pretend to be loved by someone...while they really don't tend to...