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  • prisonerof_pleasure 66w

    Work From Home..

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    Monetary Obligations

    From staying up till 3 am watching Netflix & Prime,
    To staying up till 3 am matching International timelines.
    I grew up.

  • prisonerof_pleasure 91w

    An Ironic Taunt.

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    Man on a Cliff

    An old soul once told me,
    "You must bare to what you witness and be the only witness to what you bare."


  • prisonerof_pleasure 100w

    Happy Birthday Love...

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    One of a Kind

    Tongue of a cowboy boy,
    She hates small talks, long walks, romantic dates and live music.
    Some days it's hard to love her, on other days she's a hard lover. On some days she's a total stranger, the other days a lethal ranger with long nails for claws.
    5"4 ft. In size, She claws and bites, lands a few blows, all she can smite and you dare raise a single decibel in your voice.
    She'll end up crying in the middle of the night..
    Big fan of Salman Khan.It is different, she smiles differently while watching him.. Which is why I too end up watching his stupid reality shows and movies, not a critic but I'm just critical on my flavours in life. We are total opposites! Me and her.
    I like hills, She's a beach person
    I'm leo by zodiac she's a lioness in person!
    I prefer peace and she likes it loud
    She'll put up some fatal fights and then makeout..
    I'm an old school romantic and she is almost an elf warrior!
    It's funny how we fight, I use sarcasm which she later kills with profanity.
    She lands a few punches to the abdomen followed by a an elbow at the back ending with a domination round.
    But she's a keeper, As I dig deeper into the benchmarks of our time together I see clearly.
    I'm a visionary, and she's a dreamer.
    I'm meaner when synchronize my footsteps with her so that we could tackle anything that life throws in our way.
    She has her own defence mechanisms.
    A notorious child in a grown women's body makes you more than furious, it is phenomenal, unique in every form of it's nature.
    And that's what makes her special.

  • prisonerof_pleasure 140w

    'Happiness' it is textbook

    Everything that I wanted in a life partner, when we met at the crossroads the one who precisely matched with my wishlist became my best friends.
    And the one totally opposite of what I've always imagined, we became lovers.
    I saw the relevance your soul mate and your right person are not the same person.
    Life has taught me several things, one of which is life has always got plans for you, it's the choices you make that alters the flow.
    Life is crazy as it is and one does crazier things for love so let yourself possess the flexibility that when you travel down that road the heart is willing to experience new thrills, the new show!
    Momentarily satisfactions are fun and all but when you encounter the real plan,
    Take a stand, be man enough to make commitments!
    It is a process, 'Happiness' it is textbook!
    Stay crazy, unapologetic and proud,
    Let your heart bleed poetry, let your soul choke on laughter!
    Put a filter, let only positivity enter your psyche.
    Live at your fullest you're on a mission of rebuilding yourself so when you take a moment to look back on all the kilometres that you've covered,
    You hold no regrets!
    Let your demons out in the open,
    Let them judge you for it, let them call you insane,
    Let the sane ones live like a robot,
    You live the way you want!

  • prisonerof_pleasure 145w

    How do you know she's the one

    Make a plan,
    When you both wake up late and cancel it with zero shame, then you know you two are made for each other. Never let go of her.

  • prisonerof_pleasure 166w

    The Final Piece

    So let this be the trivial peroration,
    A mere denouncement,
    Barely an epistle that will betray and test of how you cognize credence.
    Still existing as a trammel of criminal faith,
    Not just once, not that dumb!
    The purgatory was set on loop at play.
    Pleasures of touch and with that of lust,
    The kinda love that preys on impulse.
    Scourged and seasoned by blames and disgust, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
    Liberated through the blood at last.
    And so I remained adamant, ignored the constant pleading.
    This time I was not gonna let this fucking trouble maker loose,
    It had done enough damage already.
    Leaving two dusted souls to suffer.
    Lie if you beg to differ!
    I've witnessed wilderness parley for pasture,
    Solitude bargaining over a disaster.
    Dreams as broken as their master.
    Yet here we are, tryna fix a broken heart with a band-aid and thirty-seven coats of plaster.

  • prisonerof_pleasure 166w

    A Facade

    An acquainted soul bared the similar fate.
    She told me she'd kick me in the eye if I ever try to contemplate.
    She said she'd lie mercilessly if it ever comes to a debate.
    She wanted to be left alone in her torment,
    An adverse, hostile aura that cognate to all that passed for a hoax with a clean slate.
    I had established that exact same state to cogitate my inducement.
    A home, the residence to all that I preach!
    Please teach me of all your deceptive ways,
    I'll masquerade a fake smile,
    Frame a phony disguise and walk along with you.
    It is not that I'm a fickle of your imagination,
    It was real, I was there,
    Your temperaments took it's toll on you,
    Punched a few nails in my chest and vanished.
    That's the only way I knew around love,
    All eyes and blemish.

  • prisonerof_pleasure 166w

    Her Frown

    She wanted me to remember her by everything that I did to her.
    She made sure of it that I'll do.
    She said she'll ruin love for me,
    She'd ruin me for any other women that that would ever come too close.
    She'd ruin me as Thanos ruined the mankind evanescing fifty percent of them away.
    She took the virtuous half of me
    And made sure that it does wreck me too.
    Maybe it did,
    For all I care the last time I checked
    I was still breathing,
    Still breeding a perpetual agony
    Stressed over fabricated emotions.
    My poetry, still bleeding abhorred blasphemy,
    Taunting off confessions in the potter's graveyard.
    The nights, still screeching, leaching off drunk calls and liberated tolls..

  • prisonerof_pleasure 172w


    It wasn't an illusion,
    Wasn't anything contemporary,
    It ran deep into my veins,
    Been soaking up under my eyes.
    Long enough that I barely remember a time
    When love stood by my side!
    Although I'm decrying the unbiased scrupulous locution as your perspective on it stands flawed and fallacious.
    See, it was never about a place or a person.
    Neither about grief or solitude.
    Nor deserted or botched.
    It was a trait never a state,
    That was feigned with a fiend intent.
    You give a piece of yourself to every soul you touch,
    It's the fragment of your psyche that is left concealed,
    And some of those that were lost in the faith gamble, that feels forlorn.
    And that! Is the face of your loneliness..

  • prisonerof_pleasure 174w

    The Birth of a Misery

    At the break of dawn when the sky is lit,
    But not the wake of the Sun,
    It's when the Moon went to sleep.
    This thought that's been bothering me,
    Kept me up all night..
    Hands forced down, the birth of a misery.
    I had been hiding it under my sleeves,
    A note that read all your secrets, as a reminiscence.
    It elucidated of a time when faith had a face
    And the evocation was content and perfect!
    I had to calm that warm symphony of voice,
    Destroyed in a second that had left for judgment.
    I had it under control,
    The moment was beneath me,
    And while I was reckoning the consequences,
    My leg was caught and pulled down from the toe, and I immersed, set to let drown.
    The number of nights we spent together could never compensate for the number of knifes you put in my heart..
    The amount of loyalty you show me now,
    Could never indemnify for the times that you lied to me when I trusted you..
    A decapitated desire left at the wink of an eyelash..
    It was more than what you could break in an instance,
    More than that the means of your loneliness,
    More than merely love,
    It was hope that was up for bargain.
    And star gaze a memory with no place or a person, but with that of fabricated emotions.
    Notions dipped in blood, that blood lit on fire,
    A billion desires scorched that night,
    And some more that were caught up in the wildfire.
    Unveil the veil this time,
    Before you come back to me.
    You'll be judged for your debauchery
    And for that of your fiend intent.
    Tonight is the night for retribution,
    Whatever's left of the fiction
    And that of the phony disguise,
    We are orating justice here,
    Whatever's left of your sins..
    Whatever's left of your wicked psyche..
    Whatever's left of your skin..