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  • pris_musings 4d

    Is enigmatic
    In its simplicity

  • pris_musings 5d


    Days go by...I don't touch my pen,
    This pause gives me pain,
    Or is this relief that runs through me.
    Melancholy becomes my name,
    Without this joy of words,
    Life becomes a lonely place.
    Trees lose their gentleness,
    Moon- its allure,
    These grey skies of my mind
    screeching for a rainbow bright.

  • pris_musings 2w


    Empty promises,
    Unshed tears.
    A heart piercing pain,
    And all those fears.
    Life's a cunning jest,
    Wish to end the start.
    This is all that is left,
    Behind a broken heart.

  • pris_musings 3w

    I LOVE

    I love the smell of mud before the first rains,
    Urging me to get drenched.
    I love the orange sky  at the time of sunrise,
    Which infuses a new energy in me.
    I love  staring at the  moon in its full glory,
    Who soothes my turmulent mind.
    I love to hear sounds of innocent laughter ,
    That make me smile unknowingly.

  • pris_musings 5w

    Sitting on the shelf of my room
    In the farther most corner
    Is that almost forgotten box
    Holding all those things safe
    Which might have just
    Saved my soul from being lost
    Eraser borrowed from a school friend
    Does she remember that day too?
    A pen which does not write anymore
    But reminds me of that lecture in college
    That postcard from a  pen friend,
    Lost touch while growing up
    An earring from my late grandmom
    Separated from its twin
    Those childhood pictures with cousins
    Memories of a life long forgotten
    This box full of treasures,
    A lifetime of memories relived..

  • pris_musings 5w

    Countless stars twinkling in the sky,
    Yet no one shares the lonely moon's sway

  • pris_musings 5w

    दिल ए नादान

    दिल तू इतना अच्छा क्यों है,
    तू इतनी जल्दी विश्वास क्यों करता है
    भरोसा करना तेरी फितरत है क्या,
    किस लिए तू टूटता और बिखरता है।

    तू खुद की वफाओं का मोल पहचान,
    अपनी शख्सियत को खोने ना दे,
    अपने होने का एहसास छिनने ना दे,
    ऐ दिल-ए-नादान , तू संभल जा…

  • pris_musings 6w

    A desire unfulfilled, making me dream away,
    To become a dewdrop if i may daresay.
    Laying on the grass, beckoning  the sky,
    To pull me towards it and make me fly.
    No barriers , no strings to stop my flight,
    Living my life's voyage to my heart's delight.

  • pris_musings 6w

    I dont want your lies , I need your raw truth.
    I dont want your laughter , I need your joyful tears.
    I don't want your triumphs, I need your secret fears.
    I don't want your body, I need your naive soul.

  • pris_musings 6w

    Wrapping the blanket tightly like a cocoon.
    Wouldn't let it creep in. Yes i am brash about it
    I don't want you near me. I fight it with all my strengths. Can't let it seep inside me again.
    I gather all my courage and push it ..just  go away..yet this LONELINESS  just slips in