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  • princesstiana26 14w

    #spread kindnes

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    Know the difference

    Sometimes you are born lucky
    Sometimes others are lucky to be born
    Learn the difference and respect eachother
    A fellow sinner or a brother
    A sister or ex lover
    We all go battles no knows about
    And no one truly knows how their story ends
    But be kind
    And be true
    You can't always be their knight in shining armor
    But you can always be a friend

  • princesstiana26 14w


    A lack of financial funds
    A lack of essential needs
    A lack of a home or transportation
    A lack of humanity

    Lacking material goods doesn't matter
    Until I can't feed my hungry family
    When I can't even give a dollar to another friend in need
    It isn't when I can't have what I want
    But when I don't have what I need
    Survival is thin and uncertain
    And I do what I do to survive
    Poverty isn't just when I have nothing to my name
    Its when I have nothing left but my name and my pride

  • princesstiana26 15w


    A cage is a place in your mind
    Where no light touches
    And no one calls
    And everyone surrounds you
    But no one speaks to you at all
    Your not alone
    But your truly lonely

  • princesstiana26 18w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Peace

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    Peace was my dream then war took it