A poetaster plucking quills of porcupine thereby creating her own quill to bleed an unending saga of pathetic poesies...

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  • princessfuzzy 2d

    #life #pod #wod
    Thank you sm for the EC❤️❤️ @miraquill

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    Dirt sprayed on milk sculpt into a circle
    Orbiting sapphire corroded with green grime,
    Which in turn, revolved around
    A luminous ball of yellowish orange hue;
    The abode of all lives
    None other than the sapphire sphere,
    Brimming with breathing breeds,
    Birds that chirp and
    Animals that growl,
    Nature filled with
    Forests of emerald beauty,
    Waterfalls of Quartz splendour,
    Groovy clouds filled with elixir;
    To quench many a thirst,
    Idyllic sky filled with scattered stars;
    One of the stars which I wish to pluck
    And bleed my poetry with its sharp edges.

    The scenic Mother Nature
    Never cease to exist
    Unlike you and me,
    Who would be buried/cremated when the time comes...

  • princessfuzzy 4d

    Happy Birthday Jiminie

    Serendipity had occured for me,
    In the form of a beautiful angel,
    Jimin with a natural yet godlike filter
    A worthwhile promise
    Without any lie;
    You're my universe,
    Smooth like butter,
    You light me up like dynamite,
    Though life goes on,
    I need you,
    You are my idol
    And yeah, you are bulletproof.
    Happy B'day to my ultimate bias-wrecker❤️

  • princessfuzzy 4d

    #imagery #pod #wod @writersnetwork
    Yada yada�� Took it from trash can. Got to hurl it back, I guess��

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    //His lips tasted bittersweet,
    Bitter like dark chocolate and sweet like strawberries. Dark chocolate~ alluring, yet pungent past that was him; Strawberries~ Bewitching and bright future that will be him//

  • princessfuzzy 1w

    #pod #wod #love #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @miraquill
    This is lame, ik�� Might as well delete it��

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    The rain blurred her face,
    Painting melancholic tears
    with its ripples on her dainty white feet,
    The jingling of her silver anklets deafened
    when her coy gaze met mine;
    Two stunning emeralds,
    A winsome beam on red coral,
    Obsidian tresses sticking onto her seraphic face.
    I smiled back,
    When she invited me for company,
    Two bodies unmindful of damp clothes,
    Two souls uniting for this life and beyond,
    Our love echoing through eternity...

  • princessfuzzy 1w


    Freedom is not a toy or anything which can be denied to someone. As Nelson Mandela had rightfully said, both the oppressor and oppressed are devoid of freedom.
    Currently, human beings are caging animals and birds for their personal jovial; animals are just considered objects to be showcased for public eye. And then these so-called people say that they are protecting these animals from being endangered. But does that make any difference? If you are suddenly under house arrest unable to move an inch without being noticed by bodyguards because some random people told you that you are under death threat, would you be brimming over with gratitude? Will you be happy? Of course, not. Well, the situations of caged animals are exactly the same.

    So, dear all, let's STOP THIS UNFAIR PRACTICE. Let's work together to stop caging animals. Let's unitedly stand to protect animals and birds. Prove that humanity hadn't died with your worthwhile support✊❤️

    I wrote this piece of poetry to try to express how cruel it is to curtail freedom of animals by using a peacock's point of view.

    Pls. I'm not that good at poetry and all that. So don't be surprised if my words don't reflect the mindset of a caged Bird.

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    Confined and forlorn,
    I'm all alone,
    Trapped in galvanized steel bars,
    My heart not so steeled
    For it still pines for treacly freedom
    Curtailed for aeon,
    The fire of craving in me
    Not yet doused by cold Steel bars.

    The anger in me never died
    Even after the death of my freedom.
    I'm frustrated
    Both at the world and myself,
    At the world for sugar-coating everything
    By weaving Zephyr and soothing cwtch
    Into their atrocious objective
    And at myself
    For being too naive to fall into their traps.

    I shouldn't have believed them
    When they told me that
    the species of my kind are endangered
    And that we needed protection
    I shouldn't have succumbed to temptation
    When they offered me scrambled eggs
    and a piece of scrumptious cheese.

    If I was given a second chance,
    I would have just shook my head
    And flew away
    Instead of ruining my
    Green feathers dotted with
    eyespots of blue and brown
    By dipping it in sweaty tears of mine.
    The world is so cold
    And I fear I'm turning too blue...

  • princessfuzzy 2w

    Maybe #katuata
    Can't even describe this as a piece of poetry; I somehow feel it's not that meaningful or worthwhile��
    Dears, do read if you're not busy��@bts_fangirl @vzac_1330 @shivranjanibhati @aquapearl @peachytae_

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    Dazed, lovesick, ecstatic and hazy
    All for my bright beautiful buttercup
    With a yellow heart of gold.

  • princessfuzzy 2w

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    SUNSET ����

    The rough blending of the first three colours
    in rainbow: fierce red
    Embodiment of flamboyance: orange and
    The shimmering yellow,
    A prepossessing sight to behold,
    Hinting at the Night that follows
    Filled with idyllic moon and illuminant stars,
    And the Satyr that comes at night
    To perform woodland magic
    Without being seen by mortals.
    The darkness spreads;
    Carrying soft wind a whisper to my ears,
    The beauty of night like a nuzzle on my neck,
    The unending saga of sunrises and sunsets
    Always a mystery yet to be unfolded...

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    //The sun sets
    So that it can rise again;
    So that a novel day begins,
    As a second chance,
    As a day to start all over again
    Once you felt you had failed in life//


  • princessfuzzy 2w

    As they say, life gives us chances to prove ourselves... Don't turn them down thinking that you're not prepared- YOU ARE. The sun had gone down; IT'S YOUR TURN TO SHINE BRIGHT...

  • princessfuzzy 4w

    #combination #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork


    What a strange time this is,
    Late at night-
    Sleepiness crawled into me,
    Yet I couldn't sleep
    Coz the story on my phone was just too tempting,
    The plot never so satisfying
    Though never realistic.

    I slipped from my bed,
    Turned on the lights
    And made Espresso,
    Wanting caffeine to be energized
    So I could read a little more.

    What a strange time this is
    To drink coffee or
    To read my favourite FF.
    Yet I didn't mind,
    And was about to go
    When something of an underlying force
    Snatched me away
    From my imaginary world of Fanfictions
    Where everything real is rejected.

    I opened the window
    The ground still damp from the downpour,
    The smell never so welcoming,
    My empty heart somehow less so...

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    What a strange time this is,
    The moon is still obscured by cumulus clouds,
    The starry sky never more fetching,
    The scent of damp moss a soothing caress
    To my empty heart...


  • princessfuzzy 4w

    #beauty #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    @cool_buddy45 Somehow I felt like dedicating this to you, Sis������ I hope you like it��

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    Beauty is upon you
    Like the ever-lit lamp in twilight dark,
    A silver shimmer of hope engraved in onyx,
    Parching meteor falling from starry sky,
    A curtain of white against black background...

    Beauty is upon you
    Like rain on sun-baked land,
    Colourless drops hitting a patch of golden-brown,
    Tears that paint your otherwise pale cheeks
    A soft mixture of pink and red...

    Beauty is upon you
    Like the benevolent heart among sinful ones,
    The one that doesn't break others,
    But ends up breaking itself,
    Over and over again...