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  • preetkanwal 4h

    #gift #fatec #mirakee #writersbay

    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    Gift me o’ my love if you can,
    a bouquet of happiness
    on the stem holder of fate
    adding scent of ages
    tied with satiny ribbons of smiles
    wrapped in the joyous pages
    pervading whiff of melodies
    dipped in the unbreakable
    ink blue vase of poetry......


  • preetkanwal 1d

    Strolling in the poetic field
    dancing are the April winds
    Hunting for nectar are butterflies
    on the wilting flower buds to survive.
    Let me pick some golden lexicons,
    as blades of grass are turning brown.
    Let me gather some metaphors,
    to sing song on the advent of summer
    Let me too dance on welkins
    Lest May June sun burn my wings...

    ©preetkanwal 11.04.2021

  • preetkanwal 2d

    Memories do not leave me,
    how hard I try to say goodbye to them
    they keep clinging to me;
    like creepers entwined to a tree,
    like wounds which never got healed,
    like sounds that keep echoing,
    like shadows always following me,
    like emotions bottled up deep n’ deep,
    like seeds sown in soul without yield,
    like sand sticking on soles of time’s muddy feet,
    like the clouds floating beyond reach,
    like the unshed tears drowning me in dead sea,
    like ebb n’ flow of waves in life’s journey,
    //For me they are like those flowers
    which never died in poetries//


  • preetkanwal 3d

    #rhetoric #mirakee #writersnetwork
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    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    Does darkness frightens?
    So does mind,
    if not awakened ,
    if not enlightened,
    if not de-cluttered,
    if not pellucid ,
    if not at peace.

    ©preetkanwal 09.04.2021

  • preetkanwal 1w

    My dusky thoughts cradled me
    into mystical night
    singing lullabies
    pulling blinds of lashes
    of the window of my eyes
    to prevent tsunami of emotional tides.
    //Hiding pain of stygian night
    mind broke into a smile
    inking a poem on my sky//

    ©preetkanwal 06.04.2021

  • preetkanwal 3w

    Music is my heartbeat
    It is my soul’s treat.
    Music soothes my taut nerves
    It is my whole universe .
    Music creates waves in mind
    It carries me thru’ world unkind.
    Music is an expression of emotions
    It is a therapy of all commotions.
    Music is in the nerves of Nature
    It is the greatest gift of creator.

    ©preetkanwal 24.03.2021

  • preetkanwal 3w

    Life is selfless love
    for God’s creation; live to
    maintain peace in world.


  • preetkanwal 3w

    #epigraph #mirakee #writersnetwork
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    Find me in the bouquet
    of my poems ,
    blooming on thorns
    is my wounded soul.

    Picture credit goes to Mrs.Aswant Gill

  • preetkanwal 3w

    Love is like water,it has been flowing in the river of time since aeons,always finding way on thorny paths,facing all obstacles,crossing oceans floating on a straw to unite the hearts.It is in every speck of the universe.It is the basic necessity of life .It is the foundation of is power,love is truth, love is peace, love is supreme,love is in sacrifice ,love is a teacher,love is a seeker,love is a healer, love is sacred, love is a prayer ,love is life ,love is God’s greatest blessing to mankind.


  • preetkanwal 3w

    If I were a paper
    I would soak all your tears
    drowning my poems
    in the ocean of emotions......