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  • preetkanwal 6h

    When thoughts fog all paths
    with my heavy breaths
    when words sound like death knell
    hopes wearing misty attire
    hold my hand
    through woods of poetry
    like a brook tinkling silver bells


  • preetkanwal 3w


    Nebula cloud of thoughts
    emitted light;
    reflecting blue metaphors,
    navigating on my nimble mind.
    Galaxy of verses
    nestled like stars
    in night’s naked eyes……


  • preetkanwal 4w

    O’ fog, my guest of winter
    I admire your mystical trance
    when you envelope whole sphere
    I welcome your stay ephemeral
    Kissing with misty metaphors
    wrapping my universe
    in your warm embrace
    you enable my numb fingers
    to scribble enshrouded lexicons
    sighing on window panes.
    You evaporate n’ wipe my mind
    trickling verses on my skin ……

    ©preetkanwal 25.09.2021

  • preetkanwal 5w

    Raindrops dangling on the leaves looked like infinite lexicons ; entwining verses on the tree of mind.


  • preetkanwal 7w


    Wandering lone in autumns
    of years bygone,I wonder;
    Ah! how gracefully
    infinite leaves surrender
    to grow poetries in abundance.
    Withstanding this loss
    naked trees stay upright
    Empty branches heal entwined
    waiting for spring with delight
    Every Fall gives reason to rise
    with smile
    Every sunrise brings back hopes
    to survive
    Every wave loses its pearls
    n’ corals at the shore
    fished out from stomach of the sea
    Lo! again they ebulliently rise.
    //Nature is the best healer
    teaches everyday to deal with losses of life//

    ©preetkanwal 08.09.2021

  • preetkanwal 7w

    Dear poetry
    Without you my days are like an empty vessel, creating noise with my silent words.Come back with pockets full of metaphors.I’ll gift you a world of verses.Though our bond is eternal but I cannot carry the load of life without you.Missing you everyday….
    Yours forever

    ©preetkanwal 07.09.2021

  • preetkanwal 7w

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    lexicons grow on my fingers
    like tendrils
    and barren mind embraces
    my verses like a firm tree.


  • preetkanwal 7w

    I like to paint the sky red
    with the fire of my words
    and leave them burning
    in the woods of poetry.

    ©preetkanwal 05.09.2021

  • preetkanwal 8w

    She was flying high, as if
    owning the sky ; but
    her string was not in her hands.


  • preetkanwal 8w

    Letter to September

    Dear September
    Summer now seems like your guest.Cool breeze is replacing humidity in your courtyard.Trees are blowing damp kisses to cool the mind of winds.Atmosphere is breathing a sigh of relief.your mornings n‘ evenings are my walk friends.Your afternoons are a pleasure to read while wearing shades of thoughts.Your nights weave stories on soothing cotton sheet of mind,removing creases of starched stark summer nights. Often monsoon is dripping lexicons from fringes of plants.Poetry is spreading pleasantness in all hearts.Please remove the tan of heat from minds of burning souls by turning the pages of life everyday.Hope is your new tenant.
    With love…..
    ©preetkanwal 03.09.2021