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  • preeti_185 1w


    Still so incomplete

  • preeti_185 2w

    Juliet trust me you’ll be better off alone
    Stop waiting for somebody else’s love
    Don’t need a prince when you’re already a queen
    Write your own story where baby you are the lead

  • preeti_185 3w

    If you wanna get married that's great
    If you don't wanna get married even that's great
    If you wanna have 9-5 secured life that great
    If you want to follow your passion that's great
    If you wanna make lots of money in your life that's great
    If you wanna just live chaos free life even that's great
    It's okay to live a life that others don't understand

    There is nothing right or wrong,it's just what is right according to you

  • preeti_185 6w

    I hope I will be able to justify myself oneday

  • preeti_185 6w

    Everyone has their own long suit
    It's just that money we consider more

  • preeti_185 7w

    There are no good people and bad people
    There are just good days and bad days

  • preeti_185 8w

    May be you are too you to take life seriously
    But always keep your eye on RELIANCE SHARE PRICE
    Till the BJP exists

  • preeti_185 12w

    I have so much to explain
    But I lack the authority

    - A Fresher

  • preeti_185 12w

    The warm heat of the sun that rises in the morning

    The cold breeze that freezes me

    Yes I was talking about you

  • preeti_185 13w

    बहारों को नाज़ जिस फूल पर था
    वही फूल हमने चुना गुलसिता से