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  • preethiscot 5d

    Stuck a bit not to stick with it!


  • preethiscot 13w

    Attaining ur goal is the first move & it'll create more difference in ur life!��

    #futuregoal #simplelife #successforlife #happysoul

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    Your standard should be in your envision not in other's vision!


  • preethiscot 29w


    Your wallet full of money will helps you to buy everything not other's heartful of love!

  • preethiscot 30w

    Be with someone who is good at leaving you under the scorching sun and await for the counting stars!

  • preethiscot 34w

    I've used blue word as an idiom here!

    Blue : To feel completely depressed about something!

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    Your feet should know the rhythm of your blue!✌️

  • preethiscot 44w

    Days to be live & love!
    #randam #promiseisapremise #promise

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    The words in her diary isn't only her inked feelings. The inked words are PROMISE that which is still awaiting for her man's vista!♥️

  • preethiscot 47w

    Status doesn't matter,The person who is in the status is a matter!


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    AT TIMES...?!

    I wanted to be sapphire with someone's hands! I understood a few days later. Being with silver plated brass with someone's hand is better than anything!

  • preethiscot 47w

    Ur own shadow will makes you to feel fake,�� so be please aware of the rest of ur life!����


    Thanks for the peep & liking my post @writersnetwork❤️

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    Move on is the word, it'll insist us to move on completely from the people who actually act disrespect & fake drama behind us!

  • preethiscot 48w

    My feelings on you slowly oozing like an ink over on a paper beside like my whole love over on you!❤️

  • preethiscot 48w

    "Play with flips not with feelings!"��

    Trust who floats with the books;
    Not who flirts with the looks,
    Make a promise who flips the book;
    Not who flips others mind's in wreck,
    Love who loves fictional characters;
    Not who loves with the fake makers,
    Go a date with who spend time in bookshop;
    Not who spend money on shopping plaza.


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    Trust who floats with the books,
    Not who flirts with the looks;
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