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  • prawa12 235w


    "Be your own elixir of rhapsody to your purpose."
    ~ Prawa

  • prawa12 235w

    It seems no matter what I read I think "this is not Harry Potter.!"

  • prawa12 235w

    I'm feeling all crappy, 10 doesn't mean a shit. #writersnetwork #feelinglikeshit #mirakee

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    A perfect 10 it was,
    But neither was she happy nor a bit elated.
    All it did was lessen the anxiety of the people.
    All she got was a day break from this chaotic world.
    But the family did celebrate.
    And she did feel depressed.


  • prawa12 235w

    Learn to learn

    Learn about the stuff you adore!
    Learn about the stuff you're against!
    Learn about everything you can,
    Don't judge a pizza by a avocado.
    Express but not press your opinion..
    Try to differentiate criticism from harassment..
    And finally try to leave stuff better than you found them..


  • prawa12 235w

    Dear fellow beings,

    I'm sorry, I'm different.
    I'm not like you.
    I love to "not party."
    And adore isolation and solitude.
    I love to stay home on a holiday,
    Reading a book rather.
    I enjoy it.
    But at the end of the day, nobody is a Mary sue or Marty stu, but let's just try to be at peace.
    You may not embrace it,
    But just do learn to accept it.

    ~ Prawa

  • prawa12 235w

    Oh yeah, this is about me, that moron who never speaks her mind out.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #dumb #me #mirakeeThrill

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    The little sneer.

    They maxim said,
    "You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts."

    "Whoa!" hollered my thoughts.

    "Neither did I ever receive any peace nor did you ever speak out, you moron!" they sneered..

    - Prawa

  • prawa12 235w

    Told my tale

    I told my tale,
    In my own melodious way!

    To my polite wail,
    All they did was sigh.
    To my lowly vale,
    They did say goodbye..


  • prawa12 235w

    #mirakeeSong #writersnetwork #writeapoem #justwrite #sonotgood #pod

    Um, not bragging but, this turned out to be much crappier than expected, haha. So make sure to read it. Aloud. Or Silently. Or smell it. Or feel it. Ok just smell it.

    >The third poem I ever wrote < pretty bad but, never mind. XD.

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    Read a poem

    Read it once, twice or thrice. You might or might not get it. Not because you're guileless or naive, but because it was meant to be read all over again. Not to perceive all the veracious things, but to interpret what seems unerring to your conscience. And embrace all the ambiguity.

    There gets involved your attitude towards it and the technique, which is obviously a mystery. And legit a legion.
    But the curiosity is what survives.!
    A poet might have conceived whatever they wanted but you would assuredly preconceive all that you need. You might try to relate, but don't always try to fit in, it's not your story, oops poem.

    Read it swiftly, or just be as heedful as you would be, interpret stuff all you can, but do observe too, that does the best of elucidation. But wait, isn't explaining a poem equal to annoying the poet?
    So be sure to illuminate the mystery subconsciously.(shhh). Or take the risks all you need.

    And beware of the music hidden in the tone and the rhythm, where all the allusion thus lies. It's definitely your ingenuity that should be greeted by approbation. *applause*

    And as to how, you should read a poem?
    You doubtlessly know better than I do for sure!

    - Prawa

  • prawa12 236w

    #pod #friend #memories #nonetheless
    #pure #anddelightful

    (ps: all the copyrights belong to me)

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    Dear Friend,

    My life continues to flash before my eyes,
    Still I feel no surprise,
    As I watch my life pass me by.
    As the isolation hovers closer,
    This world continues to get stranger.
    It's looking a bit more bleaker.
    I'm feeling somewhat weaker.

    This place is estranged,
    Everything is deranged, 
    Without u,
    I have no clue!
    Up is down,
    Down is up,
    The sky is at our feet,
    While the world is out of reach.

    You're a rare book, 
    Only one copy was made,
    You have the powers of jade,
    Which will never fade,
    We laughed until we cried, 
    And we fought precarious tide!

    Will you take my hand?
    Not to take a stand.
    But to keep walking,
    Keep running,
    Keep moving, as we always do,
    In the the hopes to escape this reality which is an illusion too!!

    by your Friend

  • prawa12 236w

    My Hero.

    Mom is such a wonderful thing,
    Worth more than any platinum ring,
    I really have no song to sing,
    I always rested under her wing.

    What can I say of this pure soul?
    For if I say something, tears may roll,
    Deep down you're my hero, 
    You always make me a better tomorrow.

    For I needed a guiding hand,
    To groom me and grow,
    So stay by my side momma, 
    We have a really long way to go!

    You're such a marvelous gift given before my birth,
    You can be found nowhere on the earth,
    Cause you're a angel of mine,
    That no word can ever define!
    Your loving kiddo.(P)