myself pen name is kassie... love and let love❤������ use #pratyu_writings..

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  • pratyu_writings 65w

    With a little hurt,
    Little hope
    Whole lotta love
    Waiting for that moment,
    When my MOON will shine for me....

  • pratyu_writings 65w

    I lost myself to love him...
    But when he left me,
    I find it hard to find me again,
    But I'm proud of myself,
    For having the courage to lose myself in loving something I really really wanted for a lifetime

  • pratyu_writings 65w

    Dear nature

    Dear sun...shine so bright that he can see me
    Dear clouds...shout so loud that he can hear me
    Dear rain...cry out my pain that he could feel me
    Dear night...stay so calm that he can listen my silence
    Dear day...stay awake that he comes back to his senses to Love me
    Dear so noisy that the chaos of my soul, will be felt by him

  • pratyu_writings 68w


    Like a mother to a son
    Like a daughter to her father
    Like a wife to her husband
    Like a sister to her brother.....
    Through all your walks of life,
    Women has always been your support,
    In one form or the other....

    A day to mark their sacrifices
    Happy woman's day

  • pratyu_writings 68w

    After 2 years

    When she saw him today....
    Nearly after 2 years,
    Waiting for him to see her,
    And suddenly,
    When his eyes met hers,
    She felt that same spark in her soul....
    She re-learnt that art of smiling with eyes...
    Once again she fell for that magic that was recreated by his eyes.....
    But this time,
    She know
    He doesn't love her anymore
    All her excitement is just to console her painful imagination

  • pratyu_writings 69w

    I don't know why I love you so much,
    That your mere existence makes me the happiest
    I don't understand
    Why you hate me so much
    That even hearing my name angers you

  • pratyu_writings 69w

    Few dreams
    Seem to be beautiful
    Only when they are left incomplete

  • pratyu_writings 71w

    I know
    Love isn't about being perfect,
    I have found my flaws in your imperfections...
    Just like you have found your soul in my vibes...

    Happy valentine's day

  • pratyu_writings 72w


    How do u know it's a true one?
    It's true love,
    When you can say those 3 magical words only to that one person,
    And never to any other

  • pratyu_writings 72w

    Love him so much
    That one day,
    His hate doesn't hurt you anymore