myself pen name is kassie... love and let love❤������ use #pratyu_writings..

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  • pratyu_writings 51w

    Yuh call me a bitch?
    Dont u dare,
    U don't even know me an inch,
    So I never care

  • pratyu_writings 51w

    From strangers in the beginning,
    Turning to be ur loved one,
    And back to strangers in the end,
    That's life

  • pratyu_writings 52w

    When you have
    No intention of
    sharing a life with her
    Why did u start the so called "LOVE" in the first place?
    she's left with,
    Unanswered questions
    Unrequited feelings
    Unsolved queries
    Unsettled chaos
    Which threw her into
    Traumatic storms of Nihility
    Staring at the pale dark sky,
    Leading to nothing

  • pratyu_writings 52w

    From being my everything,
    To becoming a most familiar stranger,
    Time flew,
    Everything changed.
    Like snow melts to dew drops,
    My heart melts to tears,
    Just to make things much painful or even Worse..

  • pratyu_writings 53w

    I see him
    In a Pale Dark night,
    Like a moon light,
    Shining Bright
    When surrounded by loneliness,
    Like my hug of warmth,
    When lost in despair,
    Like my last ray of hope✨

  • pratyu_writings 55w

    Are back to strangers
    But this time,
    With a bunch of memories
    And hunch of hate

  • pratyu_writings 56w

    Not all roses are red
    Violets are never blue
    Thoughts flooded in my head
    All just about you
    Other than waiting hopelessly,
    I don't know what I can do

  • pratyu_writings 57w



  • pratyu_writings 59w

    You love to ignore me
    And make me weep
    But guess what?
    I love to weep,
    If it's for you

  • pratyu_writings 60w


    I'll keep loving you forever,
    You were never an option - to choose or lose
    You are my choice
    Which I always feel proud of....
    You are my life,
    Which I love to chose over and over again