i got flesh to survive zombie apocalypse and some bones to be the one ..... arrrghhhhh!!!!!

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  • pratiksha_sharon_trow_ 13w

    …..and seriously I have 

    an obvious reason to live.

    No matter how and why,

    But if living involves me,

    then better stay out, 

    If can't accompany me 

    with peace. ✌️ 


  • pratiksha_sharon_trow_ 13w

    and it happens..

    Sad days are not predictable
    They just happen
    Like pimple all over
    And maturity once 18
    They happe all the time
    Anyway , someway

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    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Vanish

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    Sorrow vanishes when you sleep

  • pratiksha_sharon_trow_ 28w

    You get life once instead of wasting it our thinking to end it at once why don't you start expecting from yourself why to expect from others who can't keep promises and ultimately you feel broken and betrayed.
    So if you don't want to end up like her start feeling productive you are an only heart for your family they can get another and if they can't get another they will die.


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    Can't manage to get back

    They wished to get her back
    But neither she couldn't manage to come back nor her body from the from the grave.

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    Return after a long time
    Let's write some stuff...

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    I am back

    Same regret
    Same flesh
    Same ugliness
    What a cliche!
    I wonder
    Why I can't change?
    Why I can't make a hypothetical fame?
    Answer from the blue!!
    "Coz it's not your game"


  • pratiksha_sharon_trow_ 44w

    The Noise in me

    The day will be so calm 

    I never knew,

    but I'll pretend that it's still in due.

    As now I am no more 

    amazed by the gambles of life 

    As it plays , to make me feel 

    that i am away from the noise ….

    The chaos is in my head 

    traveling in my veins

    hiding in my ribs 

    and just playing a game.

    I am too old to be a child again 

    singing rhyme with my shadow 

    and telling noise ,


    Talking endlessly about fantasies 

    that stars are diamonds in the sky,

    They are nigh enough to touch 

    and fake enough to watch and die.

    But somewhere in deep

    In corner with sleep

    a hope is there with no noise

    I hear that rhyme with poise.

    A blow I needed 

    To get the freedom from the noise

    I was told to keep the chaos beneath 

    and even not to weep.

    In the days when ppl die.

    Well that's futile to recollect 

    Now, I know how to define my rhyme 

    I will bend the noise

    And turn it twice….

    To fit like a poem 

    In my rhyme,

    That's how I used

    My noise with a sigh.


  • pratiksha_sharon_trow_ 47w

    The Silence I saw..

    Last night  I saw

    silence Humming a song

    Staring at the stars.

    The sky was clear

    and she wasn't feeling fear,

    as there she found no chaos near,

    noticing her voice after decades of noise

    Beetles and nightingale showed up and danced,

    She still was lying

    Staring at the stars.

    She looked carefree last night,

    From the horror of chaos and petty wars.

    Her gentle voice made me awe her beauty

    As i never knew this was her duty

    To make humankind sleep in dark,

    with soundless sleep in endless dreams.

    Last night i saw how flawless she could be,

    Curing my life from dominating fears,

    She made my heart overwhelm with jovial tears.

    I never saw humans, so relaxed and warm.

    She did her magic,

    Still staring at her stars.

    But suddenly her fear creeped near,

    Then she got up ignoring the stars.

    She moved here and regained her fear

    She moved there and found no peace.

    I was troubled and Hesitant

    When she went mute,

    Searching for the peace, I begged for her to flute

    What on earth she was troubled for?

    Plangently I asked and she flew away suddenly.

    Robbing me from my lot,

    and left me alone with my hideous fear

    blowing my might like feather in the air

    totally like a withered flower on the grass.

    But, this time with no chaos in my heart

    I was smiling even in the chaos and dark,

    As she silently freed me from the captivity

    that bound my soul.

    I slept hard dreaming about the night,

    when I was wide awake at dawn,

    I told them about my sight,

    and made them to nurture the Silence

    To restore the peace in human life.

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    First time i feel
    Like i really belong to
    My home...