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  • prateekbora 110w

    Tell me,
    What kind of magic
    Do you hold in your hands?
    Cause everytime I hold them
    Something in me comes alive
    A feeling that I can't describe
    Words fall short
    They can hardly recite
    The melody strung
    On my heartstrings
    Everytime I have your hands in mine.

    Tell me,
    What is it about your hands
    That makes me forget my woes?
    The magic in your hands
    Obeys no science laws
    Suddenly, all my troubles
    Seem so, so far away
    It wishes away a rainy day
    Making room for the light
    That you shed on me.

    Tell me sweetheart,
    How is it that your hand
    Fits perfectly in mine?
    Like the spaces between my fingers
    Exist only for you to fill
    Like my hand is a lock
    And yours is the key
    Only you can unlock me
    Only you can set me free
    Only you can light
    My heart on fire.

    And finally, tell me,
    Why do I miss you
    So much right now?
    I haven't held your hand
    For so long now
    Without you, all I feel is emptiness
    I just want to hold your hand
    And never let go.


  • prateekbora 120w


  • prateekbora 120w

    Something about her
    Attracts me like no other.

    Maybe it's the way
    She always looks so pretty;
    Even the sun and stars envy.

    Maybe it's the way
    She keeps my worries at bay
    And wishes away a rainy day.

    Maybe it's the way
    She smiles between her teeth
    And makes my heart beat.

    Maybe it's the way
    She never leaves my side
    Even when I'm against the tide.

    Maybe it's the way
    She shares my hopes and dreams;
    Together we make a great team.

    Something about her
    Just attracts me like no other.


  • prateekbora 121w

    is the
    of the

  • prateekbora 121w

    I want to see the stars with you,
    Lie down on wet grass and dew
    Sing and hum to our favorite song,
    Time will stand still for long.

    I'll weave constellations in the sky,
    And catch the sparkle in your eye
    The moonbeams will light up your face,
    A wonder of elegance and grace.

    Stars will fall down to the ground,
    Granting wishes all around
    I'll wish that you'd be mine to keep
    As we slowly fall asleep.

    I want to see the beach with you
    And walk down by the ocean's blue
    Binge watch the sunset hues
    A feeling brand new.

    Let's wash our troubles in the salty sea,
    Run with the waves as you hold me
    Leave behind a hundred footprints
    Along the seashore as we sprint.

    We'll build a large sand castle,
    Carve thrones out of fine gravel,
    Be my queen and I'll be your king,
    Together we can do anything.


  • prateekbora 122w

    I miss you greatly.

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    It's okay to miss you so much.
    Times like these are necessary.
    Because the more I miss you,
    The more I realize how important you are to me.
    And the more I realize how much I love you.


  • prateekbora 123w

    Three words.
    Eight letters of the English alphabet.
    Letters that make no sense unless they are arranged in that specific order. When it's no longer just letters carved into words and words into a sentence. It becomes the very entity which the universe revolves around. It becomes the core of human emotion.

    Those three words....
    That are often said too much...
    And wasted even. Sometimes, we cannot fathom the weight of those words. We fail to understand their significance, yet they don't fail to escape our lips.

    -But everytime I say them to you, I mean it. I mean it with every inch of my skin, every bone in my body and every breath in my lungs. With every beat my heart has to offer.-

    I longed to hear those words from you. Oh, how I'd craved. I waited, waited and waited. Patiently. Till the day you finally said them to me.

    That moment,
    I swear my ears heard music.
    The Juliette in me found her voice.
    The Hazel in me found her Phalanxifor.
    The birds in my heart's cage
    Were set free and they flew.
    So high, so high.
    And I held you closer than ever.


  • prateekbora 126w


    Creating demons
    Inside my head
    Thinking of possibilities
    I house a universe in me
    My neurons twist and tangle
    Till it suffocates and strangles
    Standing on the intersection
    Of a million pathways
    Each a dead end
    I see
    A spectrum of colors
    From black to white
    So bright that it blinds
    And it keeps flickering
    I hear
    An endless cacophony
    As I drown
    I shut my ears
    But the noise echos
    The knot tightens
    And gyrates into singularity
    It pulls me inside
    There's no escape
    How can I kill my demons
    When the parasite is me?


  • prateekbora 127w

    Dying to sing songs to you.

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    Here I lay,
    Beneath the sky
    With a guitar in hand
    Singing songs to the stars
    Hoping they will take
    My voice to you.


  • prateekbora 128w

    I want to be
    the best version of myself for you
    but there are days when I wish
    I could turn back time
    to tell you things I should have said
    and do what I should have done
    erase my mistakes
    and kill harsh words
    before they escape my lips
    but what's done is done
    so I hope and hope and hope
    that you forgive my flaws.