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  • prasannakkumar 4w

    कहाँ हो बापू आज है तुम्हारा जन्म दिन,
    तुम्हारे शांति संदेश का मनो खो गया अस्तित्व।
    जो तुम्हारा औजार हुआ करती थी
    उसका वजूद अब किताबों तक ही सीमित।

    सत्याग्रह का वह पाठ जिससे अंग्रेज़ी सेना भी कांप उठती,
    आज उसकी हो रही अवहेलना, बात बात पर हाड़ताल!
    मकसद कुछ और पर शोर का जुलूस हर कदम पर,
    सरकार और सामान्य प्रजा में टकरार, अशांत है हर डगर।

    कहाँ हो बापू आज है तुम्हारा दिन, अंतरराष्ट्रीय अहिंसा
    उत्सव, जो तुम्हारे सिद्धांत का प्रतिबिंब है।
    और तुम्हारे अहिंसा तत्व से कैसे युद्ध भी जीता जा सकता है,
    उसका है आज उत्सव, पर मुझे हर तरफ से सुनाई दे रहा है,
    हिंसा का आक्रोश, रक्त पात से हो रही ये धारा भारी हर रोज़।

    कहीं जात पर , कहीं अधिकार पर, राजनीति के नाम पर
    भ्रष्टचारी , बेरोज़गारी, बढ़ती कीमतों से परेशानी और आमदनी की चुनौती, हर समस्या से अशांत आदमी हो रहा है हिंसा का शिकार।

    अंदर और बाहर से हो रहा कमज़ोर, मूल्यों की
    अब ना है कदर, अब तो तुम्हें आना ही होगा ओह मेरे
    महात्मा, आज है तुम्हारा दिन , आओ गांधी मिटाओ यह वेदना।

    ©प्रसन्ना कुमार

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  • prasannakkumar 4w

    bearing you in their thoughts
    the buds bloomed forth
    to give out fragrance,
    To have your radiant glance,
    every nook and the corner
    of North, South,
    East, and West,
    watching with thousand eyes,
    the pellucid water is ready
    to bathe itself as
    you get anointed with sprinkling
    The freshly milk
    that's been drawn from udder
    of the cow is ready to soothe
    the flash of yours with it's touch,
    Devotees made a beeline
    adorning their forehead
    with three lines with "Bhasma",
    awaiting to have your
    "Darshana" at " Gopura",
    the day set to be dawning
    " Hey' Eswara, Maheswara"
    wake up " Hey, Sadha Shiva"
    Start the "Tandava"
    " hey, Natraja",
    Have mercy and bless us
    "Hey, LingaRaja"
    Wake up, wake up,
    " Oh , My dear father"
    awake and wash our sins
    purge the filth that's
    laid within our dirty minds,
    make us pure, "Oh' the Lord of Kailasha"
    "Oh ' the embodiment of austere peace"
    " Hey, ArthNareeshwar",
    Paahi Paahi
    Paahi Paahi

    ©Prasanna Kkumar

  • prasannakkumar 5w

    The Tale of Ram

    "Ram," they say is an embodiment 
    of  righteousness " Ramo Vigravahan Dharmah" bloomed forth during "Putrakaamesti yagna"to the Koushalya 
    and Dhasaratha

    elder to Bharata, Lakshmana, and 
    Shatrugna,this "Ayodhyananda" of SuryaVansh took the baby steps of discipleship under the blessings of "Vishawamitra"

    protected the "yaaga" killed the demons
    those posed to play  spoilsport to " Havana Kriya" set to hold the hands of "Avanija and Ayonija" Janakputri otherwise known as

    "Sita" colloquially in the present times referred and called as "Sita Mata/Sita Maiyya"., gained her garland of looks as "Rama" broke "Shiv Dhanush" 

    dampened the ego of "Parashurama" 
    enjoyed maternal bliss for the fourteen years, a blizzard of curse befallen upon, when the third wife of "Dhasarata" provoked by her 

    maid"Mandara" demanded for fourteen years
    of Banishment for "Shree Rama," all hell broke loose within the heart of a father, 
    a key chapter of the mythological tale

    that would remain in the elms till the end of eternity, yes, "Ramayana" is what it's known as. left "Rama"  the royalty walked into the forests with Sita and Lakshmana in tow, 

    another phase during "Vanavasa" begin to herald as the "JaankiMata" kidnapped by Demon King "Raavana"  took the help of the Monkey clan found an ardent devotee "Hanuma" in the "Kiskhindha Kaanda" 

    set the battle beheaded the " DashaKantha of Lanka" No.,,  the story, still not yet reached the climax returned Ayodhya with Sita, suffered,yet, another test to pass the better 

    half in the "Agni Pariskha"  a controversial secretOnly known to  "Sita Rama" 
    to maintain his sanctity of duty and the order,
    Ordered "Sita" to leave the threshold 

    after he overheard the conversation 
    of the washerman and the ilk, disappointment and agony never promised to leave, Sita Mata took shelter under 

    the shadow of sage "Valmiki" where she delivered "lav and Kush" what an ordeal the eternal couple, endured, even the children had waged a battle with none other than his father 

    "Shri Rama" the during the "Ashwametha Yaga" all united, but the Ram remained 
    alone as "Sita" immersed herself as a sacrifice in the divinely mother earth, 

    devastated "LokabhiRama" like a normal sentient being ,The grand saga came to an end as Rama attained "Niryana" scripted his name as the unflinching and adorable personality of core values, 

    It's said the one who takes his name 
    or reads or listens to this "Adii Kavya" 
    believed to reach the doors of salvation.

    ©Prasanna Kkumar

  • prasannakkumar 6w

    Thoughts and Feelings

    as I sit to write, my thoughts
    and feelings scrambled to put
    themselves in a pattern, I run
    behind the streams to hear
    the sounds of ripples, yet,
    the thoughts hardly make a shape
    of the rhythm of the tune, I run so as
    to write the verses in praise
    of the brimming chuckles of child
    I find the infant being relaxed
    in the laps of mother, and my
    thoughts and feelings failed
    to streamline to put together
    the lullabies, I run after
    Jumping zebras and the little
    fawn only to lost myself
    aping their antics, now again
    I run and run with a vain attempt
    to succeed in writing a poem,
    Nevertheless my thoughts and
    feelings resolved to put an end
    to my inner bluster, yes, finally
    as I sit, feelings and thoughts
    arranged to be in order and
    presented a beautiful ballad.

    ©Prasanna Kkumar

  • prasannakkumar 6w

    Title: let us roar for peace
    Author: Prasanna Kkumar
    Country: India

    I go searching for the silence in this mundane land,
    Yet, my foraging always incomplete as the cries
    of distressed fallen into ears, a heap of bland
    and callous inaction is what I find, he/she tries

    to have a piece of peace in this land of bombs
    yet, I find people scampering to save their blood
    oozing out as a result of the bloody bath, tombs
    of mass burial are what I found, wading the flood

    of tears, I called and prayed for peace, went on
    seeking the calmness as the rain of uncertainty
    prevailed the Nations, wishing for a cessation
    of bitterness, but, the devotional appeal is not plenty

    enough to reach the Gods it seems, fell through
    as I put my application in supplication, yes, United
    effort to tackle the crisis would be a breakthrough
    let us join to roar for peace with spirit - undivided

    ©Prasanna Kkumar

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  • prasannakkumar 7w

    My sweet Avial

    a visit to Kerala
    and leaving without
    a mouthwatering curry
    that's made up
    of an eclectic mix of vegetables
    It teases the taste buds
    yes, you would start
    drooling over to dip
    the finger and lick the magic,
    stirred up in the grated
    coconut, the drumsticks,
    Pumpkins and unripe bananas,
    yes, the paste of coconut
    yoghurt sprinkled by
    chilly and cumin,
    The curry is favourite
    for all, be it,
    little kids
    or be it, elderly citizens,
    all ask for the recipe of the curry
    that goes well with rice,
    considered to a wholesome meal,
    when garnished with it
    on a plantain leaf,
    in a hotel or at home
    at a function - marriage or
    the otherwise,
    stand out
    to be magnificent
    side dish

    ©Prasanna Kkumar

  • prasannakkumar 7w

    The "Kappa"

    Now, let me tell
    you an anecdote
    a true story
    of the evening chill out
    as we friends hangout,
    Walk the talk
    Current issues laced
    with our studies
    and some political flavoured,
    Yes, on Kerala rubber roads
    we used to stop at
    Hawker, who, sell the boiled
    Tapioca marinated turmeric
    power, the plate of slices
    Taken to be as breakfast
    and snack usually
    by Malayalees, and how
    Could I reject the offer
    When I was handed over
    The plate by pals
    Mallu as they call themselves
    a pride adjective to go with,
    I never favoured tasting
    street food, yet, the love
    Compelled me to taste
    Fluffly mound of brimmed
    with carbohydrates,
    You won't believe I say,
    I asked for more to order
    and I went eating plate by plate
    to the amazement
    of My Mallu Pals,
    Yes, the dish is one of the ingredients
    of Kerala's richness of foods,
    I suggest, whenever you
    hit the roads of Kerala
    during your visit,
    Don't forget to have a bite
    of boiled Tapioca, locally
    known as "Kappa"

    ©Prasanna Kkumar

  • prasannakkumar 7w

    The Battle

    Blind, limping deaf
    you idiot, what,
    How could you read?
    How could you walk?
    How could hear?
    Oh, I know you wear
    that calliper and sit on
    wheelchairs to move around,
    and you wear that hearing aid
    to hear silent music,
    and you read braille with
    your tips,
    Now, Don't behave as if you are
    Weak and disabled,
    Hey! I may sound to be harsh
    but yes my voice raise against
    those, who belittle
    differently able bodies
    with their qualified remarks,
    Now, the so-called God
    has chiselled those of lives,
    Yes, extraordinary
    - they are not
    Yet, not they are not below ordinary,
    The one who, who posses
    all limbs and sensory organs
    in order,
    Sometimes can't be competed
    to win even being able-bodied,
    Yes, I have no pity
    for the persons with disabilities,
    For, I behave with them as normality,
    For me, they are like any other
    I raise my voice for their
    rights, for, we are all together
    in the battle to endure
    and win the medal Olympian theatre
    of life
    ©Prasanna Kkumar

  • prasannakkumar 7w

    What's the point of....?

    I shun the education
    that never tickles
    the knowledge bug
    to bite in reaction,
    What's the point of being
    called as educated
    when the one, who, acquired
    the scholarships
    indulge in gulping the blood
    of the weak and helpless section,
    I shun the education
    that never nudges the man
    to react during the suffering
    of anotherman
    What's the point of being
    Called a highly intellectual person
    when the one, who, hides himself
    Within the four walls of chambers
    holding distinct prerogatives,
    Yet, not speak a word
    against callous laws,
    Those least fall into the ears
    of poor people of the Nation,
    I shun the education
    That gives ideas of snatching
    the pious serenity of Nature,
    in the name of rocket science,
    What is the point of being
    called as scientifically advanced
    When the human quenches
    the thirst with bloody tears,
    I shun the education
    I shun the education
    That never implants the feeling
    of humane perception.

    ©Prasanna Kkumar

  • prasannakkumar 7w

    My curse...

    You say., that
    you love me, yet,
    I was hacked on the roads,
    the naked eyes
    with bespectacled barren
    hearts watched
    the spectacle,
    Either they got blind
    or you lost your mind,
    yes, I say, brain dead
    "Love expects nothing in return"
    a saying only etched on the graves
    it seems,
    My soul lurks in the tombs
    unfreed of your stalking,
    You say, that, you love me,
    Do your every try to know
    the very meaning
    or you, just out of infatuation
    behind my body and the skin
    to sip the modesty,
    ravenous hound you are,
    You claim to be a lover,
    better look at yourself
    do you even deserved
    to be called
    as human, lo! Even you never
    spared your gender
    sucked the virginity
    of a tiny boy, are you, of that, hunger
    Not even a wild boar
    think of never harming
    it's own breed for sure,
    What should I call you
    Oh ' Dear stalker
    Yes, I used the word "Dear" for
    there is no place for you
    In so-called hell, Poor
    Dracula you are,
    Neither you have a niche
    to be in the sky or nether
    world after
    you leave
    this sentient breath,
    Yes, this is of course
    My curse, Oh ' my.....

    ©Prasanna Kkumar