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  • pranvi_musipatla 134w

    Any special connection starts with bonding over similarities and grows stronger with respecting the dissimilarities.

  • pranvi_musipatla 139w

    Do not settle for anything that's less than your worth and capability

  • pranvi_musipatla 149w

    Humans with limited knowledge and lifespan dictate righteousness, and that righteousness is constantly manipulated to suit their convenience.

    - Film Super deluxe

  • pranvi_musipatla 150w

    Being grateful sometimes can be one of the most peaceful feelings.

  • pranvi_musipatla 152w

    Story isn't a flight from reality but a vehicle that carries us on our search for reality, our best effort to make sense out of the anarchy of existence.

    From the book " Story" by Robert Mckee

  • pranvi_musipatla 152w

    It is good that we should not complicate things, but it is equally important that we don't over simplify them.


  • pranvi_musipatla 157w

    Sr officer :
    Newton, do you know what's your problem?

    Newton :
    My honesty?

    Sr Officer :

    Your arrogance about your honesty.
    Newton, your honesty is not doing the world a favour.
    It is expected of you.
    Honesty makes the heart lighter, less burdened.

    Credits : Newton Film

  • pranvi_musipatla 166w

    It is good that we try to find similarities and relatabilities in people and find strength in those.

    But, not finding a similarity or relatability is also fine.Not finding does not mean not having a possibility of it.

    Life itself is a permutation and combination of infinite things and so can be a possibility of situation you are in or you would want to be in.

    So, go ahead and do what you feel although you don't find an example to look into.

  • pranvi_musipatla 169w

    It's irony that we feel isolated when are not like everybody and mediocre, when we are like everybody.

  • pranvi_musipatla 194w

    When you make a mistake and accept it loud enough,you feel lighter.
    You become more genuine to yourself and people around you.