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  • pramisha 14w

    The sun warned the moon, "Please don't come near to me, you might get burnt."
    The moon lovingly replied, " If I won't the how will I reflect your love for me to the world."

  • pramisha 18w


    Of all the colors, she chose to be bright yellow
    Vibrant and glowing, like how her heart felt mellow
    She chose to be the sunflower of her garden
    Blooming as high as she could, facing the Eden

    Out of adversities, she grew, she stood tall
    Even in the darkest days , no tempest could make her fall
    She is the sunflower, radiating all the warmth of the sun
    As she faces the sun, she is no longer in shadows and is monotone

    She radiates at times the glistening gold
    When she stands so fierce and bold
    Even when her world sometimes gets black and grey
    Like she is drenched in the downpours of May

    She lingers her sweet scent in the soft breeze passing by
    Like she knows to kiss the sunshine in the September sky
    Oh how only she knew that her beauty is the splendor of eye
    Transcending the first rays of the sun, she knows to glorify

  • pramisha 18w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Upset

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    It upsets me how we are no longer known strangers

  • pramisha 47w

    I fear those unspoken words of yours
    I fear those imaginations in my mind
    I fear the time when my imaginations will be your words

  • pramisha 54w

    I am exhausted today whispering to myself, listening to the echoes of my silence from the closed walls and trying to calm tidal waves in my heart.

  • pramisha 58w

    What if?
    If I could leap through the time
    We would have different history now


  • pramisha 62w

    I wrote a song for you

    I wrote a song for you today
    A song you always wanted to cherish
    About our love,
    About togetherness
    And all the glorious days that we shared
    Of the moments that we could have spent
    But we could never make it

    I have always listened to your songs
    Songs of melody or melancholy
    Song of happiness and sweet memories
    Or of tragedies
    I have cherished them all
    As part of our never ending love
    That love which is yet to be bloomed full from a bud

    I reminisce those days
    Under the canopy of the cherry blossoms,
    Smelling the sweet scented zephyr
    We traded our songs,
    To never apart from each other
    And promised to sing them together
    Till our heart’s content

    I dream about the songs
    The songs that you wrote for me
    About the story of our lives
    Of the magnificent times of our love
    In all those letters,
    You secretly kept under my pillow,
    Hoping I would read them someday

    And here I stand, under the cherry tree
    Waiting for our song to be sung
    Just as Sakura waits for her Haru
    Just as the autumn red leaves wait to turn green
    I wait for you, for your song
    To soothe this broken heart
    For how long will I be able to hold
    the tears that wish to stream down
    In the emotions of your song.

    Now to all the bittersweet memories,
    Engraved in my heart
    Like your name in the epitaph,
    Under the cherry tree
    To cherish all that love
    And our togetherness
    Quintessential time of friendship,
    I wrote a song for you
    A timeless melody for your symphony.

  • pramisha 64w

    My brightest star

    Of all the million stars, I gaze upon daily
    You shine the brightest
    Your radiance,
    Dazzle me surprisingly
    Like there is nothing in this universe
    Unparalleled and yet so sublime

  • pramisha 65w

    Song for the broken heart

    Sometimes all we need is one song that soothes our broken heart

  • pramisha 65w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Trust

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    Maybe I have trust issues everytime