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  • prajuchettri1 6w

    Mobile on ...

    Data on .....

    Begins my day like this

    With the chatting and mentioning

    My friends continues another day

    With much hope than yesterday

    My friends circles may be low

    But I have a friends who can glow

    In my dark days ...with there stupidity

    Things to make me glow and flow

    Once again...........

    Thanks alot friends for being there in bad times

    This ones is for u all.....

  • prajuchettri1 6w

    Hami nepali

    Sathi lay bia garyo
    Lu bia ko booze party khum

    Nani vayo
    Lu nani ko booze party khum

    Gouw ma birthday vayo
    Lu birthday ko booze party khum

    Nani ko bhat khawai vayo
    Lu bhat khawai ko booze party khum

    Gouw ma koi moryo
    Lu morrow ko dukha ko booze khum

    Sathi chutti ma ghar ayo
    Lu sathi ako ko booze party khum

    Naya gari kinyo
    Lu naya gari ko booze party khum

    Naya gf banayo
    Lu naya gf ko booze party khum

    Gf sita brkup vayo
    Lu brkup ko booze party khum

    hami nepali haru

  • prajuchettri1 6w

    Lost in the world

    In this era

    Where love is taken in the looks

    Where humans are weighted in wealth

    Where the peoples are hanging down

    Just for their needs

    Only one god in my life

    Is working hard whether they

    Are in pain or vain

    And the God is u may parents


  • prajuchettri1 6w


    Do u know wat
    There is a lifecycle in our life
    We first meet in fb , Instagram we talk
    On watsapp than call and so on

    And after brkup
    First block in fb , Instagram
    Than in watsapp lastly in call
    This is how lifecycle ends


  • prajuchettri1 8w

    I only react on photos ❤❤

    Think your self special

    If I have commented

    On your pics


  • prajuchettri1 8w

    Nta vana hugo samma

    Timro baby

    Aju arkokoi baby vayo haina


  • prajuchettri1 8w

    Ani vana

    Kati jana cha timro

    Ex ko list


  • prajuchettri1 8w

    Vhat kha . Masu kha

    But relationships ma ☺☺☺

    Tero baw ko❤❤❤❤

    Jhuto kasam chai na kha


  • prajuchettri1 8w

    When my friends say

    Oi yati xito uthako

    Me- hainuw auta akha khola☺☺

    Abo 2 ghanta badh arko

    Kholicha nta urtchu....aila

    Chai memes hrdai chu


  • prajuchettri1 8w

    Aru kura sabai thikai ho❤❤❤

    Yeh mobile nahi hota

    Tho apni zindigi bhi☎️☎️☎️

    Jhandi makut ho jati