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  • prajalregmi 24w

    Way to be perfect and looking for perfection always, is just an addiction to fear of failure.

    Do mistakes, go beyond disappointments, don't sweep darks, don't look for shine always.

    Be imperfectly perfect.



  • prajalregmi 34w

    What if?

    What if your struggles will give you better life?

    What if your silly jokes are making someone's day better? What if your silent prayers will be answered one day?

    What if your failure is a one step towards
    your upcoming progress? What if you are patient now and your wishes are fulfilled later?

    What if your kind gesture is warming
    someone's heart? What if your truth is saving someone's dignity? What if your one time sadness will bring permanent happiness in someone's life?


  • prajalregmi 38w


    Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen. Nothing can suppress, This unbearable pain.

    Of breathing suffocating oxygen. There was no egress, From this life of vain.

    Until you lent me your ears, Attentively listening to my sickness, You washed away all my pains.

    You are indeed, My painkiller.


  • prajalregmi 38w


    The time when pain gets worse. Overthinking steps in.

    and sadness all upon.

    The other version of you just walks in.

    But by morning it's gone.

    It's everyday now and It is now routine.

    It's 3AM buddy and I've lot to dream.


  • prajalregmi 38w

    If you now find that you have planted yourself so shallow and after so long you have not rooted into the deep, fertile soil I had so long ago prepared for us.

    I cannot make the clouds drop rain, nor force the sun to shine upon your now stubbornly withered blooms.

    As you spent so much upwards emphasis on yourself alone; to impress the throngs of strangers as you came and went, that you so surely would bend and sway to and fro for and if you waved your last to me as the stalk and stem of our love has made its inevitable path to the compost of your selfish desires.


  • prajalregmi 38w

    Side effects of india!

    If their is a Girl or Boy, Their will be a discrimination, If their are Hindu or Muslim, Their will be a discrimination, Why all these things are done?

    Now a day people are on fire of Equality. But in India Is Equality is applicable?
    If their is a decisions on caste, Then the fights are available, Why all these things are done?

    So, what the people's of india's, Are Black and White! But just remember one thing, All countries are blind, And our India is an eye-sight, Why all these things are done?

    The main thing which makes our India lack behind, Many things like example a chai-paani as corruption,

    Why this chai-paani can't be done loyally,

    But if anyone raise their voice against it they says it's only about our mind assumption, Why all these things are done?

    The main thing of which all girls are afraid of Rape, The less percentage of police's works are loyal, But if the criminal is royal,

    The corrupt police officers mouth gets shut with tape, Why all theses things are done?

    I hope all these situations will be get normal soon, But when it's done then our beauty

    ful India will get independent from the darkness of moon...


  • prajalregmi 39w

    Poetically phrased arguments, weapon in words,

    Paved the way for new generations,

    Pompous talks in all subtleties Possessing the art of sarcasm

    Proving the feeble self, taming the wild

    Prudent and strong, their ideas can't go wrong, Pragmatic actors presenting the era of change.


  • prajalregmi 39w

    Youth's wake up!

    YOuths, wake up!

    How long have the bells of our future been ringing?

    HOW long have the music of hope been singing?
    HOW long have we sat, wined and dined with hate and strife?
    HOW long have we danced to the drums of lies?

    They say 'we are the future They put it on the walls of our classrooms Maybe, that was just a caption to capture Because tomorrow long died yesterday it was long ruptured then raptured

    They say teach us well and let us lead the way instead of teaching us that
    Enough is enough
    They teach us that more is never

    They say 'show them the beauty,
    they possess inside I wish that's what they really do instead they stand aside And they criticize.

    They say give them the sense of pride This have been long disposed to shame and strife

    This is a resounding call youths

    wake up!


  • prajalregmi 40w

    You were my art, but now we're apart

    You Were My Art,
    I Struggle To Fulfill.
    How Beautiful Those Color Of Your Eyes Make You Look,
    How Pretty You Are Wearing Those Smiles,
    The Natural Curls Of Your Hair
    Make You Feel Like A Ocean, And Those Braids Make You Prettier
    I Wish I Would Have Known All The Colors You Held
    In Your Smile,
    I Wish, I Just Wish To Know How You Were Made Up Of,
    I Wish I Should Have Admired You More When We Were Together,

    But Now We Are Apart.


  • prajalregmi 46w

    The day thunder strike to my life, When I was pleading to you stop the strife, You broke me in thousand pieces, And no one but me myself was making it eases...

    You left me all alone in the dark, As the circle is not represent without an arc, You broke all the promises, That you have given me in bunches..

    You didn't care for my tears, At once for you it was your fears, You left me in an abandon state,

    But you know I still wait..

    As the years passes by, I lay down and still cry, Giving you my love was the biggest mistake, Cause you were a man with a fake face.......