Hibernating right now ��

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  • pragya_a_dreamer 80w

    I didn't know that news would make me pen this...

    An ode to my First and last Collab team...

    When the world had stopped running
    Four writers started running in Mirakee
    The speed they had acquired was none less that 2 lengthy posts a day on average
    And when you ride this way
    There's an accident
    And in their case too
    They bumped across me
    A novice whose looking for companions to write a Collab
    And a Collab Queen joined me in
    And we started off again
    Picking ourselves up and above
    "A beautiful morning"
    Experienced by all of us
    And then there's no looking back
    I parted ways with them
    But we still together
    They say naa, "Dur h hum par juda nahi"
    I never told them this,
    But yes, you guys are the best here...
    I see in you
    The Sweetest
    The best elder sister
    And The best mate
    Thank you so much for being in my life...
    Let's not worry if we gonna continue like this or not
    But let's rejoice that we had met each other...
    Love uh all till the moon and back ��

    @colourfulgreys @the_speccy_outsider @sunenasharma
    Idk if you reading this but I know that I have regard for you from the bottomest of my heart
    @/kehtahjoker ( that's how we talked)

    I Love and Miss You All
    �� Happy tears����

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    Say not in grief, they are no more here
    But live in thankfulness, they were here...

  • pragya_a_dreamer 83w

    Yes... I'll try to be at constants from now...

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    And I've realised...
    Healing is better than suffering...

  • pragya_a_dreamer 88w

    This is the least thing you can do for our
    Always smiling Joker Bhai ��

    Thank you @my_cup_of_poetry for this
    You are just awesome for the thought

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  • pragya_a_dreamer 88w

    Yeh galat kiya...
    Apna naam joker rakh liya
    Aur aaj sabko rula diya...
    Aap ne promise kiya tha naa... Kabhi nahi jaoge...
    Apne sath sath humara ek akhiri collab bhi le gaye

    Aaj pehli baar laga ke insaan ko samajh ke liye usse dekhna jaruri nahi hota...

    Sabko roast kiya aur mere roast karne se pehle chale gaye... Bahut dard ho raha h Bhai...

    I wish I could talk to you... Bas ek baar... Pls...
    I'll always miss you...
    I wish people is filled with people like you...

    Aaj pehli baar hoga ki main aapko tag karungi aur aap nahi padhoge... Love you always bhai...


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  • pragya_a_dreamer 94w

    Hola everyone
    (This is gonna be my last hola...)

    Will be out of Mirakee family for a while...
    Don't ask me for how long...
    Maybe till my heart agrees...

    Nevertheless I had a very fine time with my writting mates..
    Beautiful collabs read and made...
    Beautiful challenges taken and given...
    (Given only one though) ( Never mind me)
    100+ posts not less... I feel

    I wanna thank each and everyone of you for being a part of my journey in Mirakee...

    If you have ever appreciated or supported me...
    I have highest regard for you...

    Thank you so much everyone ❣️
    And yes a happy goodbye��

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    Life is not a bed of roses man
    You gotta get that in your head...

  • pragya_a_dreamer 94w

    I feel I'm a bud
    Growing along
    The sunshine
    Finds its way
    To reach me and
    Let me bloom
    The wind
    Flows to me
    To fluster
    My petals
    They want me
    To grow
    Into a
    Then either
    I wither away
    Or get
    Plucked apart

    But I don't want to...

    I wanna spend
    Some time
    With my tiny petals
    Play with them
    All the time...
    I wanna be
    Cozy among them
    Closed in my limited

    I don't wanna grow
    That's it...


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    I'm a bud...

  • pragya_a_dreamer 94w

    It's painful...
    To be unimportant
    For all those who are
    Very important to you...

  • pragya_a_dreamer 95w

    #lame #picturec

    What my soul feels!!!

    I wanna fly high...
    Higher than the sky...
    Higher than any
    Human achievement...

    I wanna fly away...
    Away from world...
    Away from any
    Human suffocation...

    I wanna run fast...
    Faster than the train
    Faster than any
    Human thought...

    I wanna get free...
    Free from my myself...
    But then I don't know
    Where's my destination...

    Yet I wanna go away...

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  • pragya_a_dreamer 95w

    If you think I am good,
    I can become the best...
    But if you think I am bad,
    I can become worst for you...

  • pragya_a_dreamer 95w

    Hola everyone...
    Presenting you the best collaboration
    By the best collaborators ( I feel so��)
    The first part by me
    The second part by Sunena
    The third part by Speccy
    The last part by Jaya

    The team Fabulous Four ❣️
    @sunenasharma @the_speccy_outsider @colourfulgreys

    It was glad working with you all...
    And Thank you so much for bringing this too good...
    And Sorry for being late����


    Beautiful Morning

    I am astray into a sweven
    finding my way
    through thick canopies
    I'm all in ragged and
    tangled in the
    catastrophic situation
    which is leading me somewhere...
    Somewhere to
    where I realise
    that I'm lost forever and ever
    I turn and twist on my couch
    to emancipate myself of this nightmare
    but on the spur of the moment
    It's the dawn breaking up at
    my windowpane
    The orange hues finding a way
    to enter my
    Chamber of Chaos...

    Chirping of birds,
    Waking me up from my sleep,
    Before I open my eyes,
    My lips tending towards a curve,
    Getting up, caressing my hairs,
    Taking a glance outside from my window,
    The sunshine nourishing me,
    Making me wish to live a day more!
    Then as I go upstairs,
    Meeting my plants placed in my terrace,
    Feeling the warmth around them,
    Plucking some tulsi and curry leaves,
    Before going downstairs,
    Greeting good day ahead,
    To the birds flying in a formation,
    Enjoying their freedom in the cerulean sky!

    Crushing those Tulsi and Curry Leaves
    I make my morning tea and breakfast
    Sitting on the patio
    Comfy, in my velvet couch
    I devour what nature has to offer
    A scrumptious meal
    The symphony of the birds
    And sunshine kissing my face
    I dance to the tunes of zephyr
    As it swiftly passes by
    A catharsis for me
    Like performing in a matinee
    Nature being my audience
    And I the artist
    How lucky I'd be
    If each morning of mine had this routine

    The day can offer you
    Pleasantness or scuffles
    But you bury it all
    In the chest of the night
    To be welcomed afresh
    By a rhapsodic morning!
    Each morning is like
    The first shower of the season
    Betrothed to its
    Pleasant petrichor
    Caparisoning the silent earth
    With green shoots
    Of foliage and deep tears
    Marking beginnings and
    A fresh hope!


    This was our submission for Fun task 7
    #daadisbae #team_fabulous_four

    Happy day everyone

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