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  • praachii 13w


    There was a man who was extraordinary and trained,
    With massive super powers and intelligent brain.
    Calling him ordinary man will be injustice for him,
    Because he was not less than superheroes of film.
    A fighting spirit with strong moral codes,
    His every win contributes different new episodes.
    Since long time he was being so great,
    Taking care of the country by fighting with enemies in every state.
    Tim was his name, the winner of every game.
    But so it happened one day,
    A sudden twist occurred in such a way
    Tim leaving his luxurious apartment by government,
    Went in a small town for rent.
    The great man now changed his mind,
    To stay Like a normal human kind.
    Ploughing the field, washing dishes,
    Living simple life eating boiled rice and fishes.
    It might be easy for us but not for Tim,
    Doing household chores with same determination seemed tough for him.
    He knew fencing but chopping was new,
    After all the expenses money left were few.
    Bad taste of food due to adding more salt or lemon,
    Breaking things while cleaning room was common.
    "No work is easy, No work is tough,
    The one who performs easily is practiced enough.
    Equal respect should be given to all,
    As depending on the capacity of the person, no work is big or small."
    Tim was a superhero for sure,
    He again won to teach us a lesson that most people obscure.

  • praachii 15w


    How pretty it is, to sense nature around,
    Far away from city and town.
    No horns and beeps on streets,
    But bells of cycles and buzz of bees.
    With different shades of yellow and greens,
    The fields are coloured by God it seems.
    Colourful flowers with colourful butterflies,
    Little kids playing with dice.
    How pretty it is, to sense the cold breeze,
    Calfs and lambs running freely across the mowed fields.
    With every walk, good thoughts arrive,
    Fresh breathe and a calm mind.
    That is why it is countryside,
    Where nature is well defined.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 15w


    Last evening I was in the kitchen,
    Cutting an apple for evening nutrition.
    Suddenly due to the slip of knife,
    In the clock it was almost five,
    With a severe cut and bleeding I ran,
    To apply some meds and sit beside my fan.
    I cleaned and did the dressing of my wound,
    I was in pain and thought of noon,
    How merrily I was moving around.
    But now I have to suffer for this,
    A lot that I could've done will be missed.
    All because of my carelessness,
    Now it created such a mess.
    More the negligence, the more we suffer,
    More the carelessness, more we endure.
    In this situation where so many people are suffering,
    Be cautious with when and where you are going.
    Don't forget your sanitizer and mask,
    Be careful in every task.
    A little carelessness can lead many strives,
    It can cost so much pain and even lives.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 15w


    Appreciation is not just word,
    It can uplift someone's confidence to gird.
    Appreciating is an art,
    Those who can see good in others can do with their heart.
    Everybody deserves appreciation for anything good in them,
    It will help them develop enthusiasm and strength.
    In this world of demotivation,
    Let's increase appreciation.
    It can make someone's mood,
    It can let someone know the things in which they are good.
    Happier the people, happier the world,
    All around positivity and happiness will whirl.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 15w


    Tear in eyes, Pain in heart
    These things are our life's part.
    No matter how much we condemn,
    We cannot hide ourselves from them.
    With the flow of life, they approach us,
    Teaches new ways with life to adjust.
    Each time it comes with different purpose,
    We learn new lessons and conspectus.
    But tear and pain never come alone,
    Many smiles and happiness are yet to own.
    Everything is balanced in our life,
    Behind a drop of tears, thousand smiles lie.
    Being stable in every situation with positive mind,
    Is how we can deal with every situation every strife!

  • praachii 15w

    Title: Everyday is beginning of new journey
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    Every day is a beginning of new journey;
    Every day there is a new task before me.
    Every day I learn new tips and skills;
    Every day I am learning something for my dreams.
    There are different problems different fights;
    I am becoming able enough to distinguishing what's wrong what's right.
    The world around me is expanding so more;
    New challenges and struggles waiting before.
    Things are developing so am I;
    Accepting past and leaving behind.
    Every day comprises a story which teaches a lesson;
    All these further helps to take correct decisions.
    Every day is a beginning of new journey;
    Every day makes us become more worthy.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 15w


    Forever together is what I want;
    You my life you my heart.
    This world ain't gonna support I don't care;
    I am happily giving up all my despair.
    Not only you make me feel complete, you make me feel so more;
    You are the only person whom I love explicitly and adore.
    Beautiful this world more beautiful when u in it;
    With your presence everything feels so lit.
    Oh honey, I want you for the rest of my life;
    I am ready to deal with every situation, every strife.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 15w


    Hope is something which sparks our life,
    With some sort of positivity and good thoughts of different types.
    Hope is something which cheers our soul,
    It can help an immobile to take a stroll.
    Hope is something which gives us support,
    To work for our destination with all the efforts.
    Hope is something that can change our mind,
    From a negativity to thoughts of divine.
    Through the dark clouds of sorrow and pessimism,
    Hope can lead to a way;
    Lighter and brighter,
    May be something related to what we dreamt.
    HOPE is a magical weapon everyone can have,
    It can help just like a lost stranger is helped by providing a map.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 15w


    Enough seen, Enough felt;
    I am not the one who will be easily knelt.
    Unexpected storms had hit me well;
    Nobody will care whether I stand or fell.
    In the position where I am dear to none;
    Everything has been snatched, from happiness to fun.
    My heart is starving since years for peace,
    But everytime my happiness is seized.
    How can I dream for better days;
    When they went who used to motivate.
    I am sad, I am hurt, Is that not enough?
    Where life is giving me clueless situations, rough and tough.
    Bleeding is better than the bleeding of heart;
    No ointments can heal the pain where tears are must.
    People give me hopes and step back with time;
    One mistake is enough to cover all the efforts of mine.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 15w


    Not intentionally but I broke your trust,
    All those which you saw was enough to quench your thirst.
    Now u consume a drink with please,
    Where my love was left in the sieve.
    Maybe you think you will be the one I can decieve,
    But have you forgotten all the messages from me you received .
    Ain't trying to convince you to come back,
    Never gave such interest and gestures to anyone else it's a fact.
    My feelings are meant to get destroyed I knew long ago,
    But never thought how you will become this special and go.
    It may seem stupid to you to tell something here,
    I am not trying to convince you anything because now it's not fair.
    Life giving me lessons so are the people,
    Faith doesn't come if someone goes to steeple.
    I accept this that I have lost you,
    But you have to accept that you meant everything and I adored you.
    Now you judge me from someone else's story part,
    What about my hopes and feelings that now broken apart.
    Someone is someone, U is you,
    This world is so big I hope you do whatever gives you love and happiness too!
    - Prachi Bera