A pilgrim,a budding writer and poet.I know little , will grow more , life is not fair , but I know God cares ❤

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  • ppghose 2w

    Dont limit yourself when promises aren't answered by God ,pursue further press on because beyond the impossible there is a surprise and God will always give us what's Good and Profitable , pray that you recognize it. #godisgood #love #passion #dontgiveup

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    His Rescue

    How beautiful it is Lord to worship You
    How amazing it is to live my life for You
    For those who Gain their Life lose
    And those who Lose their Life gain
    Even sacrifice is not sacrifice in Your Kingdom
    All things that I own are already Yours

    When I was in a Dark and Lonely place
    I felt left out and hurt
    My close friends mocked me
    While some betrayed me
    My family called me names
    While You sat by my side
    even when I was angry at You and I abused You
    You never left me

    You called me Your Abigail
    You strengthened me like David
    You taught me to deal with Sauls in my Life
    Your plan saved me from becoming a fool
    While everyone ran for the Flesh
    You kept me from it and led me in Spirit

    Surely men stumble and have a great fall
    But when they seek Refuge under the Lord
    They become more than they could have imagined
    I am the Beloved of my Father
    I am His Lovely Bride
    I know one day He will take me with Him
    Therefore Today I will Truly Abide

  • ppghose 15w

    Prayer is best expressed in a rhyme, the heart is moved in a short time, #godisgood #love #passion #dontgiveup

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    From Justice to Shalom

    Justice I love ,in justice I will pay,
    Lord have mercy on me and show me the way.

    My bloodline has made my path crooked,
    The world is entirely owned by the wicked.

    On my own understanding I cannot make sense,
    The problem with my nudge becomes intense.

    There is no road that is right to travel on my own,
    Therefore I depend on You wholly,You are seated on the throne.

    Please open the doors for me ,give me a visible sign,
    My enemy mocks me & skeptics question,"how will you align?"

    I linger in front of You for an answer,
    My humble state has kept me from becoming a prancer.

    The time is swiftly moving to my harvest,
    In faith I hope to see bounty in midst of a forest.

    My Jesus is faithful, He will safely bring me home,
    And this world will know that truly He is Shalom.


  • ppghose 17w

    Self confidence vs God Confidence

    2007,My hand shook as Sir called out my name ,I was shaking,3 times i had uttered my Roll number erroneously, Sir was patient, He expected myself (Ghose) to calm down.After 5 deep breaths I scribbled my Roll number on my examination form.

    2010, I got a job as a Quality officer in Kingfisher airlines, i waited to meet the HR all day,he was really busy and I was so shy that I didn't have the guts to go the cafeteria and eat all by myself.I starved for the entire afternoon to meet him.

    2013 , I got a job in Jet airways as a Planning assistant, my call letter was ready as of first week of August but the medical department felt a glitch in my blood pressure readings and after a struggle with life and death kinda situation I remember standing in front of the HR and she said ," welcome on board"

    Hindsight I can see that my lack of smartness or confidence may have hindered me in usurping wealth but I earned something far more valuable than wealth that was people.I earned people , today when I look around I have people who have known me and walked with me ,governed me and respected me .

    My Bosses liked me for Loyalty not for Intelligence they knew that I could be trusted eventually and that I wasnt vengeful.Now truth be told it's not easy for a believer to make his/ her mark in the corporate world but God is the business of people and He will get them when He wants,while we obey.

  • ppghose 48w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Annoying

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    Toddler screeches achingly

  • ppghose 50w

    Sometimes the only Hope a man and woman have in an unstable environment is Change.

  • ppghose 53w

    Is it me or there are people who are reminded of sweet nothings in the silence of the night ?
    #godisgood #love #passion #dontgiveup #daddysgirl @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Peek and Eat

    Was going through the fridge at night as a customary ritual and my nose tingled to the fragrance of boiled minced chicken with ginger and garlic .For a moment I felt my nose has won me a gold mine and I was on my way to dig into this metal pot which I had instinctively discovered on the bottom compartment above the vegetable box,but then a childhood memory knocked me off.

    My father and my sister while telling me jungle stories will recite,in Bengali "Khau mau Khau ,maangsho gondho pau" ( I wanna eat something I can smell meat) ,with the exhilaration of a happy child ,I finally closed the lid ( i had tasted a bit or two with my fingers ) and I scurried off to prepare my midnight tea.

  • ppghose 54w

    God prepares us in advance we wish to hear the rains and see the peacock dance,yet our heart lags in the spaces in time.But sooner or later we arrive.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    When We Dont Get God

    When there was nothing moving,
    Lord you held me and kept my Faith.
    As of today nothing can Move,
    Yet I see trickles of attempt by Grace.
    How to fathom Your words and Your Ways,
    When even waters and winds Obey.
    Nature can strike back in healing the Ruins,
    You have always restored us from all wicked Doings.

  • ppghose 59w

    Let God be praised ,#godisgood #love #passion

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    The Inquisitive Baker

    This man was just a Baker
    Baking for his clan
    This was his shot for greatness
    He did what he can

    It was a coincidence
    That I heard on a video
    A man whose last name was Broker
    But professionally turned out to be Baker

    Life is full of messages
    If we slow down to listen
    But a dream turn into reality
    Wow that's worth the fission

    I knew this opportunity was coming for him
    I had a dream two months back
    That this baker will own a restaurant
    That will be his biggest hack

    He reminded me of Gideon
    A man too feeble to fight
    But God built up a warrior
    that was full of might

    Never underestimate common people
    God sculpts masterpieces
    A vision though it tarries
    In end only goodness increases

  • ppghose 60w

    And she did it .... so much that it was her policy.Its hard actually but with God its possible. #promise @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    She knew she had cheated in her semester exam, afterall she was afraid.Remorse had overpowered her. So she made a promise to herself that day. She was to be committed to study everything before exam and to never "borrow "any help from her friends.

  • ppghose 60w

    If he comes back....

    She had rejected the thought of his return,
    She believed it was good that he learn.
    It's his fault that he took the call,
    Now that's the very reason of his fall.
    She lives carefree and walks around,
    Shows people that she isn't bound.
    Let age pass her or her might,
    She will continue to walk up and fight.
    She has dreams to fulfill and purposes to be done,
    This young lady doesnt like futile fun.
    Yet subtle thoughts cross her mind,
    If he comes back ,will she be his find ?