• manasvi_says 55w

    Why do married women with kids, justify cheating by saying that;
    their husband doesn't give time to them and makes time to care for his parents?
    their husband doesn't give her enough "sex", and so is why she has it from someone else?
    their husband is always busy and doesn't really look after her, and so is why she sleeps with someone who does?
    their husband isn't "good in bed" and therefore, she gets fucked by someone who fucks her good?

    Whore! If you're unhappy with your husband, SIMPLY LEAVE HIM!!!! WHY CHEAT AND JUSTIFY IT BITCH?!

    You marry him, and expect him to not look after his parents, to give you time plus work his ass off just so that you could shop and spend his money!
    You marry him, and want all the good fuck in bed, and if it's not good, YOU CHEAT!!!!

    If you want sex, sex and only sex, GET INTO PROSTITUTION!
    Why mentally torture innocent husbands and cheat and betray HIS TRUST???!!!