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    It was too late when I realized the true meaning of being happy, but this doesn't mean that I was giving up on myself. Yes, I was trying hard, but I failed to find the real purpose of why I should chase happiness. There were times when I questioned myself and started the journey of finding answers of unanswered questions, but I never dreamt of meeting a stranger who would change that bad phase into something beautiful. The destiny says that we were meant to meet at this difficult times, but meeting someone who is miles away from me was something I never expected and it may be weird for him too. It's all good, but the question of the existence of this destiny was really something that always bothered me. I feel lucky because experiencing it is the most amazing feeling in this world. 

    Did we meet just because the universe wanted us to meet or is there really a reason behind this meeting?

    I don't know the reason behind this wonderful and mysterious meeting, but if the universe brought us here, then I am ready to wait and find the real purpose of this meet because the reason of his presence in my life will be cleared in the near future :)

    __ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 21 Oct, 2020 @00:41 IST