• itotso 63w


    They say home is where the heart is
    And heart is seen in what the hands have placed in a place called home.

    The crib lies within the hall
    Standing firm and tall yet comforts the fragile.

    With it are sofas, though grey and bulky
    Are the best places to lie your head for a short nap.

    Two giant doors made of glass
    Allowing the sunlight to enter and tickle your skin with warmth
    Dressed with white chiffon curtains giving the hall a welcoming feel.

    The dining hall is a level higher,
    A table coloured in mahingy skin.
    Always fulfilling appetites.

    Above it all, the best place is
    The bedroom.
    It is the home for three
    The air is dancing in cold and warm rhythms
    It smells like love and milk.