• fauzia786 45w

    The poetries of my own

    The poetries of my own,
    Are the thoughts deeply sown.
    Engraved with different emotions,
    Like stringing thoughts together with complete devotion.
    They too born like a normal living,
    & even die with sufferings.
    Though, some achieves human prominence,
    Yet some receives writer's rejection & ignorance.

    The poetries I own,
    Has the voice of my own.
    The reflection of my life,
    The shades of my day.
    The rage I suffer is embedded in them,
    & the hymns of divinity colors them.
    They break the cages of my silence & dissent,
    & grant me the power to express without repent.

    The poetries of my own,
    Acts as a motivational syndrome.
    Bestow upon me with the pride & self confidence,
    & coaches me to be flawless for my writer-hood's existence.
    They set me a goal; to be future Wordsworth,
    & makes me dream of the academies on my work.
    Though, it just seems like a dream,
    As I literally don't get likes more than fifteen.
    -Fauzia Afreen (F.A.)