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    I don't know I'm just writing and rhyming whatever came to my mind tonight. Let me know what you think @writersnetwork @writersnetwork #writerstolli @mirakee @mirakeeworld #pod #poem #love #random #original #rhymes

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    If I was a poem
    I would like to be
    A sonnet of love
    A hidden masterpiece

    Not for everyone to hear
    Or anyone to tear
    I would belong to someone
    Somebody's special ears

    I'd be wanted and heard
    And sung by the birds
    And no one in the world
    Had ever thought of my combination of words

    I'd be one of a kind
    And my writer's inlove with me
    Because I am her child
    With conditional immortality

    And the one that inspired
    My birth would be thrilled
    To know that every line
    With passion was filled

    And through a lifeless paper
    I was made into a love letter
    Who has a good purpose
    To get the same love back, I suppose

    What if I was a poem
    Would I be on your lips?
    And if I am a song
    Would I be better than this

    A mumble out loud
    A noise in the crowd
    If I am a poem
    Hope i will not be this sad