• rishabhmyjoopress 90w

    I can change.I know I can.
    But is that really I want to?
    Sometimes I ask myself,is this harshness on self worth it! May be sometimes.
    Is this really harshness in right direction or I am just making ways through days!, keeping myself busy, apart from trust.
    I know ,all things I am today, is cause of my past.
    I know it all came from my experiences from life,and me what I am.
    It's never been easy to express for me,the inner me to world.
    Mostly I get addicted myself in fitting myself along with people in their behavior.
    It's like sometimes I believe I really needed that all along,this is it.
    And then something happens and changes my perceptions.
    Whatever happens, happens for a reason.
    We all know it, believe it, it gives us hope.
    Maybe be it's not right what I am doing right now.
    But what if it is!!
    Can't turn back now.