• thatweirdislandgirl 23w

    Writers Block

    It would appear that I have writers block
    As I stare at an empty page and watched it stared back
    It seems to be saying nothing and everything at the same time
    It seems to be saying, " just write one word, write one line"
    It seems to be saying " don't overthink, just write what is in your thoughts or write what you feel in your heart"
    But still I had nothing not even the title of what I want to write , which sometimes come last
    For a second I thought I had a thought but it was nothing because in a second it was gone- forgotten
    So I guess I will write about nothing or simply see what's on TV to see if I get inspired
    I always do that and then I get tired and go to sleep or just get some weird cravings for something weird to eat

    I think it's best I just rest and let it happen naturally
    Words will revisit along with the voice of what I want to say
    So yeah...I have nothing to write today because I have writers block.