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    If consciousness is something that was developed through billions of iterations of evolution then maybe it also implies that consciousness is directly related to complexity.

    With more and more iterations, a uni cellular organism transitions into a multi cellular organism. An example is, from an amoeba to a human being, here the amoeba would be less conscious compared to a human being, simply because of differences in complexity levels. So in a way, Consciousness is directly proportional to the level of complexity.More complexity would lead to more consciousness. It would be an emergent property which is based on the interaction of complexity.

    We humans are the most conscious creatures walking on this planet. We have the ability to create proper structural and social hierarchies and dominate our primitive urges. We are also self aware, possess hyper intelligence and even meta cognition. Try to visualize how beautiful the concept of consciousness is. If there's a bacteria flowing in your blood then it is conscious, maybe less conscious, and it might think of you as a giant multi cellular organism and it may consider your blood stream as a red river. Similarly your cells are conscious in a way. You are being made of conscious matter. Also earth is so huge and complex. Imagine if it is conscious and we are the bacteria living inside this spheroid.

    Talking about death,
    The moment of Death is the moment finality. It is last commemoration of all your tragedies. But will you ever die? Would the 'you' who dies at the age of 65 still be 'you'? If i ought to die in the next 5 years, would it still be me, the present exact me? Or would it be as if someone else died? So what would that make the present me? Immortal?

    In Quantum mechanics, every quantum event manifests a separate universe. This leads to the concept of multiverses. The main notion here is to think about consciousness in terms of spectrums. In terms of states that subsist at different levels and this is where everything gets interesting. Lets imagine a hypothetical experiment like the shrodinger's cat. In the Quantum world, Imagine there's a gun pointed to your head and if the cesium atom decays, the gun clicks and you die. But if the cesium atom doesn't decay, the gun still clicks but you don't die. What would you hear or see as an observer?

    Scientists say that, you would hear infinite clicking noises.

    The simple explanation for that is, if the clicks go off and you die, then you'd have zero awareness of death. So your consciousness would always transport to the universe where you are not dead. So you'll just hear clicks. Even if the bullet hits you won't die because you haven't perceived death because your consciousness has jumped into another universe. The point is, In quantum world everything is observer dependent.

    The tragic part is, if this actually works then we will never die. Consider this the second door to immortality. Our consciousness will always continue to branch towards infinity as there are infinite universes, and you will continue to suffer for eternity.

    So you will never die then? Maybe or maybe not. Who knows.

    Maybe, your consciousness will not abruptly end but it will slowly fade as we know that consciousness is a spectrum that slowly fades and perishes into oblivion.


    (yes the series ended but I'd like to make this coarse and protracted writeup a part of it)

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