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    Just a try. This is really tough. Favorite color! ��

    Why is choosing a color as favourite tough?
    I can be blue, but I like yellow.
    I can be covered with blood, but red isn't my thing.
    I can taste the orange. But Black is a whole different thing.
    This is complicated. So a mixture of all shall do?
    But isn't that too colorful. Wait. I'm color blind.

    #color #1310

    I really didn't expect an EC today. @writersnetwork @miraquill Thankyou so much! ��❤️❤️

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    I don't have a favorite color,
    So let me go with white.
    Because darkness needs some light.
    And I'm comforted by that fright.

    All the colors are blended in its shade.
    There is nothing of which I'm made.

    I can grind flowers all bright.
    But Black can too be pleasing to the sight.