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    Chemo on lockdown


    This poem is about a heartwarming incident that occured in JIPMER RCC during the corona lockdown. An old man ,unable to find other means of transportation, brought his wife for cancer treatment on his cycle from their village which is miles away from our college.

    Chemo in lockdown

    Her white hair has grown
    So has the cancer
    Three cycles of chemo missed
    The pain hurting him more than her

    Trains and buses in lockdown
    Not one man in the village with a car
    He couldn't let her go alone
    On a moped with a youngster

    He had to be there
    To hold her hand when it hurt
    To feed her, bathe her
    Tell her everything would be alright
    Remind her of their life well lived

    No false hopes on miracles
    Only pleas for painless death
    She had to get her treatment
    So, on a rusty old cycle
    He carried her 100 km and more

    The doctors, mouths agape behind N95s, flabbergasted
    Looked at the sweaty old man and his cycle
    Initial incredulity replaced by reverence
    He bore her weight on his rickety cycle for hours
    Like he did the weight of her tumour , for years
    With a shallow pocket, zero complaints and deep, unwavering love

    - Karthik Ajith