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    The seats ready
    to be filled by 4
    beautiful passengers ,
    Nobody know who's
    gonna seat,
    It was a beautiful mystery
    as I was always curious to know,
    quite luckily,
    a girl sat next beside me,
    I was clueless in start,
    but as the moment passed by,
    my eye caught the glance,
    Autumn already started,
    but she blessed
    making it more special
    Damn, she was beautiful
    my body already started
    to feel goosebumps
    If she was a singer,
    I would love to pay
    so to visit her shows
    just to see her beautiful glimpse
    even I had to travel in thousands of kilometre
    Because I read
    when you're good at something,
    never do it for free
    I applied this principle in my chemistry
    The rickshaw started moving,
    Everyone was determined to reach destinations
    Everytime the tyre moved
    onto the dangerous road,
    Our bodies felt a touch
    like a love at first sight
    like an attraction between
    south and the North Pole
    Like a gulf of Alaska
    where two oceans meet but never collide
    My eyes played hide and seek
    when I saw her in that mirror
    which the rickshaw had at its corners
    It was the 30th minute journey
    which I would always cherish in my life.

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    The most beautiful glimpse of my life.