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    Sad is Not Bad

    Twenty seven states of emotions known,
    And you're stuck on sad.
    Your brain is under slight depression,
    And your feelings gone dead.

    While seeking validation,
    You sink into darkness,
    Suffering the loss of
    joy and happiness.

    You're on the edge of a cliff,
    Do not jump into the sea of sorrows,
    For would that be a choice to live you think?
    Wouldn't you be glad to see yourself live as your ears hear and eyes blink?

    So, open the doors to your room or your heart,
    Joy just needs a space to heal your wounds and give you a better start.
    Your memories of contentment are stemmed in sadness.
    Therefore, before you curse sad,
    Remember sad is not bad.

    ©Heena Pradeep Pirankar