• hafeezhmha 23w

    ad infinitum

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    I spend all my time
    in total seclusion,
    scrutinizing a part
    of me which i had
    considered to be
    dissipated in the void.
    Examining a structure
    of austenite, under a
    microscope, embedded
    in a polymer mold, and
    beside that lay my
    thoughts and my
    incubated ideas in
    a test tube.

    For a brief moment,
    i found myself playing
    with all the
    permutations and
    visualizing the existence
    of a wormhole lodging
    near Alpha centauri.
    I would laugh at my own
    and moor the fragments
    of my racing senses with
    the lacquer of rationality.

    But as someone who loves
    learning about numbers
    that later can be used to
    mimic reality whilst
    surmising the inner
    workings of dimension/s,
    I wonder about apanthasia
    and how visualization would
    leave me and my senses.


    Sometimes poetry is
    just a function of
    emotional entropy.
    I store my poems as
    a binary string of pixels
    and characters,
    Such that the dimensions
    or data or any algorithm
    that isn't just the word
    used to create the poem
    will only add size,
    and in those poems, i
    search for infinities.
    Just as a sphere has
    infinite faces, a circle
    has infinite vertices,
    and so does the universe.

    A crazy man asked me
    once : If fourth dimension
    is time so does it mean
    my twin experiences
    reverse time because he
    just got reversed by the
    fourth dimension? He
    calls it the sorcery of

    - Tick - Tick -

    The transparent clock
    of the universe is ticking
    and i see the numbers
    from my side are mirrored,
    perspective matters and so
    does the content of it.
    It ticks again and the
    universe unfolds many
    secrets that were concealed,
    where? you may ask,
    I point at 'c'.
    So we wakeup each morning
    to wait for the new day,
    When 'c' finally moves
    towards infinity.