• devchathu 69w

    May be all my
    Life I had been
    Searching something lame...
    May be these things
    They show inside
    The TV are all same
    They act like
    Everything will
    Fall in their own place
    But the truth is
    Life will never
    Allow you to be same..
    You can sit and cry
    Like it's your last day
    Or you can go explore
    This world that loves insane....
    May be you'll scream
    That life will always suck
    May be you'll cease
    Before you reach your dream...

    Is this what you
    Call your own life
    When you can't control,
    Anything that's happening
    In this court of roles,
    What if you become
    An artist dancing
    Without judge,
    And what if you won
    All your battles
    Like it's your dream run,
    Scream on highest note
    That life's gonna suck,
    Scream on highest note
    That now you're too old.

    Some say it's all
    In the hands of
    A Crazy man called God,
    Some say it's all
    In your own hands
    Making you a God,
    Some did explore
    And found out that
    Truth and lie are same,
    There is nothing
    Right and wrong
    And we all are same,
    No one really cares,
    May be caring is expensive,
    No one really dares
    To say out what they think...