• solivagant2 63w

    The trail

    Ah, gleaming somewhere between the bustling leaves, is that the end?
    Or another round of bend
    Trees follow me and I'll follow you
    Wherever there is life, I'll go too
    Birds, chatter me up, it can get lonely
    And whenever I am the only
    One I may speculate on your pristine form
    And my own jagged thoughts
    May find solace in your ponds and streams
    I have lived a life as a masquerade
    In your arms I may finally tear myself apart
    And sing aloud in your name
    Walking miles deep I try to reach your heart
    You have hidden your pieces everywhere
    You are truly an art
    Let me walk in your shade a little more
    Bend for me a little more
    And maybe I'll live a complete life
    And rhyme this memory as a lullaby
    When I'll sleep at night