• nawikrita_t_rai 106w


    You who talk about open-mindedness
    You who talk about acceptance
    But you aim in slaughtering the openness
    Your eyes and your mind always on what lies under
    The fabric of our independence, you wander...

    You offer your hand for friendship
    But between your fingers lie your lust to rip
    To slander;
    'Tis about humanity here, not only of gender
    The songs of which irks you into your room
    Into your locker, into your G drive and with whom
    You share, you laugh and you curse
    All lie in the tomb of virtue and worse.

    I weep at your graves, died too young I heard
    And offer wreaths of words
    Words about respect, words about consent
    That should've been fed to you from birth
    And as you lie here still* in morality
    Decaying, deteriorating in quality
    'Millenials'- you were, 'modern'- you said
    Heartless and thoughtless you are, living as cold as dead.

    *still- motionless