• joebonga 38w

    Love from within

    The sweat wrung off my skin
    Revealing the cold within
    Exposing my hold on to my wound
    Every stream a story to tell
    Of a heart given out of trust
    In return for a hurt that harms
    My destiny put in jeopardy

    But again, its my life to live
    My rules to heave
    That in the presence of hurt
    I would find love
    For self to behold
    Happiness within to seek
    In stillness of greatness

    Conforming to the compound of love
    A concortion of all sorts
    That love and hate can exist
    To define the twist of things
    In the least of the list
    Care and affection
    Combined in one, to make charm

    To love is to give from within
    That which you have therein
    For in lack of it is sin
    Missing the mark of the hack
    That love doesnt exist outside self
    You give what you got
    So seek within that which you pursue

    To love is to love self
    To have self first
    And halve the confusions within
    From the mirror of self
    To give what you seek
    By first having self as king
    To rule the destiny of choice