• _breathe__ 93w

    I don't have the courage
    To roll back to you,
    It's not because
    I don't love you anymore,
    But my heart still
    Sinks deep in the quagmire
    Just to see you
    Looking straight into my eyes
    With the passion
    I always wanted you
    To look at me.

    The moon still questions me
    If ever i really did love you?
    But the tears that cease at
    My waterline of eyes
    Make constellations of
    The untold secrets which
    Are deep buried in the grave
    Of my heart.

    I remember i was twelve,
    When you open your arms
    To let me in as if you're
    Sharing my burnt skin
    With the coldness of your heart
    I didn't know that you
    Were diffusing your vain
    Into the my pores.

    Maybe when you left me first,
    I was shattered into the
    Infinite parts between which
    All that was lost somewhere,
    But anyhow i managed to
    Take up those pieces again
    And put them into the
    Cage of hollowness
    And because of that,
    When you came to me,
    My arms didn't wrapped
    Around you with a
    Fear of segregation
    But got twirled around self
    For it knew that
    I can never stop loving you,
    And then i let you go
    As a stranger, i never loved.

    My eyelashes remind me,
    How you used to
    kiss my eyes while
    I was deep asleep
    Because you know
    My night terrors
    Effected my optical nerves,
    How you used to
    Undress my hair
    Because that brown bangs
    Rushed at your cheeks
    As if the safest place ever known.

    I have lost the blackhole
    In me,
    I am an empty galaxy
    That is fine with the
    I don't want asteroids hit
    You hard,
    So better you go now.

    Bye, bye.