• nonnahs 83w

    Dear Mr. Floyd,
    I’m sorry, from one human being to another.
    I’m sorry that you ever had to suffer.
    I’m sorry your life was stolen from you.
    I’m sorry that law enforcement of our country murdered you.
    I’m sorry your family had to say goodbye to you too soon.
    I’m sorry that you cried out for help and no one helped you.
    I’m sorry Mr. Floyd that 46 was your old age.
    I’m sorry that your last moments alive were so brutal that they are now replayed on the world’s stage.
    I’m sorry that your life ended face down in the street,
    I’m sorry that they ignored you when you begged, please, I can’t breathe.
    I’m sorry that you had to be all alone and have no one to hold your hand as you were taken away from this life.
    I’m sorry that when you cried out for your mom,
    she couldn’t be by your side.
    Im sorry you had to be alone and scared.
    I’m sorry you ever had to beg another man for one single breath of air.
    Mr. Floyd, if ever once in your life, you felt like you weren’t worth a dime,
    Just know that your name has now been spoken by millions, millions of times.
    I’m sorry for every second of each minute that you struggled to stay alive.
    I’m sorry you ever had to beg another human for your life while bystanders recorded the evidence footage of your unfolding homicide.
    I’m sorry that you won’t get to see what will be forever changed by your brutal death.
    And I’m sorry that you won’t get to see the day that skin color will no longer determine whether you get your next breath.
    I’m sorry that you are a casualty of this unending war in yet another horrific battle.
    And I’m sorry that your name, Mr. George Floyd, is now on the list with others that should still be alive because black lives matter.