• qaynaat 23w

    Every cloud has a silver lining,
    silver of radioactive nuclear explosion is more like it!


    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and if the doctor's cute, keep the apple away.


    A slap can turn into congratulations if you turn at the right time, and the (heady) palm lands on your back (of mockery) instead. And, vice versa.

    Better, slap back who slaps you.

    Or, do something congratulatory, because slaps can be slapped at whims, but congratulations are generally congratulated on reason.


    Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. They, in the world then, go on and on about the rest of the senses of the blind, gaining new supernatural heights of sensation.

    Also the simplest fact is right, why would the blind mind a whole world becoming supernatural like himself, or in other words, blind?


    If you can't be nice, be blind.

    At least you didn't look at the bad you made worse.

    At least you made it worse, only because you couldn't see it. At least you do not see yourself now, feeling bad about it. Or, do not see yourself not feeling bad about it.

    Or, not feeling at all.


    - ©neexa