• rhymesbynick 85w

    Extinction is Imminent

    Impatiently waiting for the zombie apocalypse,
    When it begins there is no stopping this,
    Everything devoured like a swarm of locusts,
    Waking up and realising it was all made up in the unconscious.
    Sitting here expecting the asteroid armageddon,
    We are all gonna die this time I am not kidding,
    There is one heading our way and we are all gonna be toast,
    Sitting on the edge but then it just flys by real close.
    The clock is one minute closer to impending doom,
    There is a flash on the horizon followed by a nuclear mushroom,
    I can hear the rumble getting closer and closer,
    It turns out it was just thunder and lightning and a storm cloud growing taller.
    The climate is changing due to global warming,
    The signs where all there and we were given plenty of warnings,
    It'll be an instant catastrophe like the ones in the movies,
    But in real life it will be slower and may take a few centuries.
    Mother nature or someone has released a new virus,
    It is gonna mutate in our bodies and become disastrous,
    Tension and panic will take over all thinking,
    But all we need is common sense and a bit of social distancing.