• writing_forever 17w


    The circle of my life full of feelings with dead heart
    You see me running hesitantly there
    Sitting here , crying on the corner
    Fake smile with body pain
    Swimming in my dreams sky at night with the other stars
    And buried under the floor after the sunrise
    Fighting with myself
    Hearing a lot of voices coming out from my skin cellules
    My organs not united
    My talent is dancing on success symphony and happiness of others
    With tones of darkness i wipe your tears with mine
    Cubes of glass inside me made the winter summer
    As the river leak from the stones on the top of the mountain
    My long hair on the floor starts to delete my angel image
    The last drops of it are dying too
    My blood getting dry
    To leave a good memory in flowers garden
    Leaving my name in the paradise
    Taking my body to the hell
    ...(to be continued...)

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