• perspektive 48w


    The Most valuable thing
    It never stops only our's seize
    On a tombstone there are two dates
    That dash in between hold depth and weight

    Between them both the dash connects
    I call this our life line for it ends at death
    The life after is a peace in which we all depart
    Leaving behind a piece of our heart

    That little line is packed with x amount of days
    Many have left before us as we are well on our way
    Meeting up at the crossroads to meet once again
    So no need to cry, I will see you soon my friend

    While you are here in the physical form
    Love you just the way you are as a mother loves her Child unconditionally before even born

    Cherishing whom you are no matter
    Who you choose to be
    For love is the only thing that
    Allows time to pass by with ease

    I will love for no reason like some hate for the same
    Teach you how to tie your shoes, lace you with game
    Never will I judge for who am I but a human being
    For time is short and death is creeping