• kwamena_wrighter 52w

    I was condemned
    to live eternity in the labyrinth
    of love unrequited.
    they warned my waxed wings
    of love would not stand
    the heat of your beauty
    should I fly to close to you;
    and should I fly too low, I would
    have to wait another eternity to have
    a glimpse of the heaven
    your beauty brings.
    Now my wings have melted
    and I’m falling into the abyss
    of a love that would never be mine.
    in time,
    even my broken wings
    would not deter me
    from getting closer,
    not once
    I’ve grown to see
    the truth in her eyes
    that her smile,
    the one I’ve long waited for
    has been there
    the whole time,
    not for me to behold,
    but shun like a Medusa.