• writing_forever 19w

    This is my life cart
    And we gonna stop at worldchat
    Where people want just have fun
    Their first words were SEX just one
    They buy multiple identities and the person is one with one yen
    As for friendships they say later on
    You ask me why I love someone his only problem the inability of self-control... it's too daft
    Why don't you ask what makes me chat with you
    And you think that's normal... that's not an art
    He will always be my man
    And m not gonna forget my promise as
    Longer as I can
    He owns my heart
    Deep like a mast
    So, let me run
    I can't see the sun
    Let me say son
    M a jewel in a van
    M only asking for a rest
    Not just a nest
    M not a liar
    You burned me with fire
    I didn't play a game
    You are outside the frame
    If my lover is honest to me and told me everything before you...which guilt i did
    "Cheap girl ...very cheap" that's what you said
    You punched my heart with a sharp knife
    It's now like a sponge...but it's still my life
    Maybe for a while I did cry
    But now I forgive you... it's not a lie
    The jewel will come back to the top of the mountain
    Good bye
    And don't ask me why
    People are made here from plastic
    Hh...................................so fantastic


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    What is going on ??
    Who can guess the story,
    I will put them all in my next post